What's coming down the river?

May 08, 2018
Diana Poggetto, ED American River Pkwy Foundation
What's coming down the river?

What a wonderful gift we have in the American River Parkway! 

It is the Sacramento Region’s greatest recreational civic amenity. The Parkway includes the Lower American River, over thirty miles of meandering multi-use dirt trails, and one of the country’s best Class I bike paths within the 4,800 acre natural resource.

Dianna Poggetto, the Foundation’s Executive Director, will join us Tuesday for an update on their vision, mission, and the challenges they face daily to keep this gem safe, accessible and beautiful. 


Within their website, users can learn about Parkway Foundation programs and events, find ways to volunteer, and discover different parks and aspects of the Parkway, which receives over 8 million visits each year.



American River Parkway Foundation Vision and Mission

Vision. The American River Parkway is a protected and sustainable natural resource to all.

Mission. The mission of the American River Parkway Foundation to support the preservation and enjoyment of the American River Parkway by fostering environmental education, stewardship and volunteer opportunities.

We hope you’ll join us for lunch and a very interesting discussion.