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Newsletter – February 13, 2018

Pledge by Patrick O’Neil

Invocation by Mike Grace

Today is the Annual Speech Contest—we welcome 5 students from El Camino High School and 2 of their mothers as well as their Principal, Randy Halcomb.

Happy Bucks: Steve Turner is happy is daughter got the lead in “Little Red Riding Hood” at Fairy Tell Town. Rob Ford is happy his daughter, Molly, was moved up to varsity for the playoffs in basketball. Lind Bigler is happy she qualified as a Certified Emergency Response Team Member (CERT) this past weekend.

Les reminded us that February 24th is Charter Night at the Del Paseo Country Club. He sent a sign up around to choose your menu item. Prez Mike sent out an email with a challenge and several members who signed up through the email are fine free for February!

Joel said Arden Arcade has stepped up for the Poker Tournament: Al is sponsoring both bars, Dunnigan Realtors and Excel Bonds & Insurance are table sponsors. Each Rotarian is asked to sell at least 5 tickets. Remember, the event is at Mercedes of Rocklin and it will be on March 10th. We need people in the seats to make it a suc- cess! First Tee and Crisis Nursery are doing their part as well.

We received letters from the 3rd grade class at Greer Elementary tanking us for the dictionaries. We also received thank you letters from Amigos de Guatemala.

Duane Oliveira is running the Speech Contest because Paula James’ mother passed away last week and she is taking care of those matters. Please keep Paula in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you also to timekeeper: John Gabriel; Tellers: Tom Goode and Danny Curtola; and Judges: Paul King, Patrick O’Neil and Steve Turner. Duane explained that we need to hold applause until all 5 speakers have spoken. He also mentioned there will be short talks from Rotarians during the break between speakers.

The theme for the Speech Contest is “Making a Difference.”

The first speaker was Maggie Kauderur, a Junior from El Camino High School. In fact, all 5 speakers are from El Camino High School. Maggie started by thanking her mom for being a “list” person because that’s how she attached her speech. She had 3 main needs in society to point out where a difference could be made: a need for inclusion and acceptance in society for everyone, gender equality and opening ourselves to be friends with everyone. Her plan to help accomplish this is to:

1.make conversation wherever you are—standing in line., waiting for a bus, etc.

2.Approach a lonely person, someone sitting alone at lunch, in the gym, etc.

3.Encourage others—cheer on the others on your team, congratulate

someone’s good grade, etc.

4. Get involved, wherever and whenever you are able. Make a difference by including others!

During the break between speakers, Duane asked Earl to tell what he thinks about surveys. Earl said the are nonconsequential. He doesn’t like them and does not find them to have any value.

The second speaker is also a Junior at ECHS, Jacob Lee. Jacob emphasized that people are known for large changes, a major invention, a major political success, but then you think how can I make a difference? You can make a difference by stop saying no and beginning to do something no matter how small the effort seems to be. Then he went on to when should I start? Now is the perfect time. Any effort is better than none. Doing the small gestures can make you feel good and make you want to do more and bigger things. There are 2 types of a difference to make—a short term difference and a long-term difference.

During the break, Carroll Cook talked about Fellowship and coming to Rotary to do good things.

The third speaker was Blake Moser, another Junior at ECHS. Blake spoke about making things better by taking an action. As in Colin Kapernick who chose to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner. He used his celebrity to try to make a point, but relied on others to make that point for him by following him. In contrast, JJ Watts took action after Hurricane Harvey and raised 37 million dollars to help out the victims. Who in these examples made a difference? Colin Kaper- nick was “all talk, no walk.” Even though we do not possess the large platform of these NFL players, everyone has someone who looks up to them and can make a difference.

During the break Patt McCormick was asked how she makes a difference. Patt said I get up eve- ry morning and put a smile on my face and say hello to those I encounter along the way. A smile can go a long way.

The fourth speaker is Caleb Wahl, another Junior from ECHS. Caleb talked about how his mother showed by example how you can achieve a goal. His mother left teaching and went back to school to become a Principal. It took her 2 years, but she accomplished her goal and gave Caleb a great example to live by. He learned it again when his father lost his job and through responsibility, integrity and perseverance was able to move on to a new one. Caleb learned hard work can accomplish anything. He felt his history teacher, Mr. Waldo, believed in him and it gave him the courage to be here today. Caleb volunteers to teach leadership skills to others.

During the break, Larry McClure was asked what he thought about surveys. Larry felt much the same as Earl, they have no value and he doesn’t mess with them. He also doesn’t trust them.

Our fifth and final speaker is a Senior at ECHS named Vladimir Matias. Vladimir started off by listing many well-known people who have made a big difference, but went on to say everyone

has it in him to make a difference. He said everyone can stand up to a bully and everyone can pitch in as they did in the wake of the Sonoma fires to collect 8 tons of food, water and toilet paper in 2 days. Get engages, be involved learn where your help is needed. To make a differ- ence, start by looking at yourself. Vladimir is helping immigrants who have language barriers to get help and get acclimated to their new home. This is how you can use your abilities to help others. Helping others brings happiness and prosperity into your lives. Choose to be effective in the world, or chose to be affected by the world!

There are no winners or losers in our speech contest, only places to be named: 5th Place: Jacob Lee

4th Place: Vladimir Matias

3rd Place and a $50 check: Blake Moser

2nd Place and a $100 check: Maggie Kauderur 1st Place and a $200 check: Caleb Wahl

Thank you to all the speakers, every speech was great and you really got the message to be involved!

Thank you again to all the Rotarians who helped make the contest happen today! Remember, keep Paula James in your heart and prayers in the loss of her mother.

At the end we had a discussion of whether or not to cancel next week’s meeting because Prez Mike is going to be away, but decided to have it with Steve Turner as “Past President Host”, and Tom Goode has “speaker”.

Celebrate the 63rd Anniversary of the beginning of Arden Arcade Rotary! Don’t forget to sign up for Charter Night, February 24th, at Del Paso Country Club.

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Newsletter – February 6, 2018

Pledge by Danny Curtola

Invocation by Steve Turner

Visitors/Guests: Judy Payne, Sacramento Rotary; Lilly Tonkin and guest, Ray Collison.

Bell Ringers: Patrick paid the remaining $90 for an Eagles Super Bowl win! Carolyn Ewing wanted to donate blood but Blood Source wouldn’t let her so she wanted to donate to them, but Randy said donate it to our Rotary Foundation instead and then he donated $100 more on her behalf! Christine wanted to donate blood but couldn’t because she was sick so her boyfriend donated on her behalf and Randy gave the foundation another $100 in his honor. Prez Mike became a Bell Ringer in honor of his father and told about the Celebration of Life family and friends celebrat- ed this weekend. Mike and his brother differed on the vessel for his remains, a pewter urn or a Coleman cooler—the Urn won out but most attendees thought the cooler would have been more appropriate for his dad who loved to camp!

Happy Bucks: Cathy Skeen gave Happy Bucks because her daughter just closed on her new home; Danny Cortola gave “shame” bucks for being gone so much and was very sad he didn’t get a standing ovation when he came in; Rob Ford gave Happy Bucks as a life –long Eagles fan; Carolyn Lewis gave happy Bucks for several reasons, she’s been Fostering a Dalmatian/Pitt Bull mix and just received 2 English Lab puppies and is so happy, also she gave Happy Bucks because Linda Bigler got Fairy Tale Town to join their fast pitch softball team. Randy announced that he gave blood too so he gave Happy Bucks along with his $200 to the foundation. He also challenged Joel that he would donate $120 for “elf” blood. Earl Heverly announced that he donated Plasma, so Randy gave another $100 to the foundation. Big day, Randy—thank you! Tommy Goode announced he spent time at a Super Bowl Party at the former CEO of Apple (who was fired by Steve Jobs.) Tom says the house was amazing and the food over the top! John Gabriel gave Happy Bucks for both his birthday (2-3-45) and anniversary coming up this week—#48! Paul King gave Happy Bucks to honor all the Bell Ringers in the club while noting how important those funds are to the club. Les gave Happy Bucks because he got to go to the Kings vs Warriors game and hang out with his brother! Linda Bigler gave “Sad” Bucks because there’s no snow!

Les reminded us that February 24th is Charter Night at the Del Paseo Country Club. Les says it will be an amazing evening and everyone should come.

Tickets for the All In Poker Tournament are available February 1st. Each Rotarian is asked to sell at least 5 tickets. Remember, the event is at Mercedes of Rocklin and it will be on March 10th. Anne Marie Schubert and Scott Jones are already committed to attend.

Next Board Meeting is February 7th at 5pm at Howe Park.

District Conference is May 11-13 at they Hyatt at Lake Tahoe (Incline). Mike would like to see Arden Arcade have a presence there.

Bill Hambrick announced all four schools dictionaries have been delivered and thanked the sev- eral people who made that happen. Bill was stunned when a 3rd grader named Charles asked him if he was Tim, and Bill replied, no, but I’m smarter than Tim. Charles replied, “you can’t just proclaim that you’re smarter.” Cathy Skeen also said when she was at one of the handouts she said to a student “That’s the President,” when Mike was coming in and the student got very excited and said, “That’s the President?!”

Mike told everyone to report their volunteer hours to Tom Goode. He has everyone for the Laurel Ruff Party as long as you checked in. Things like being President and attending Board Meetings and writing the Newsletter don’t count—these are “service hours.”

The Spring Community Grants are open—there is an online application.

The Golf Tournament is on June 18 at Del Paseo—more info to come after the Poker Tourna- ment. We are partnering with the Crisis Nursery and Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

Tom Goode attended Pre-Pets this weekend and now will give us a sneak peek on the 20th when he subs for Prez Mike.

Dr. Bill Wittich is our speaker today on “Travel like a Pro.” He says what you don’t know can hurt you. The key to being successful is to know you are responsible for everything you do. He doesn’t want to pay full price for any plane, hotel, or car rental and has learned the tricks to avoid doing this.

Currently there are only 4 major airlines in the US: American, United, Delta and Southwest. The reginal carriers that take you on the short hops that look like these airlines really have nothing to do with them—they are contracted by the airline, their pilots are not experienced as the major airline ones and they do not work for the major airline. 47% of flights are by these re- ginal carriers. On these airlines you can encounter added fees like checking a bag, making a reservation on the phone, changing a reservation, cancelling a reservation, getting a seat as- signment, getting on board sooner, getting extra leg room. Bill says ALWAYS buy your ticket at least 21 days in advance, after 3pm on a Tuesday. The airlines start unloading unsold tickets Tuesday afternoon so you get the best price.

Most experienced flyers never fly on a Friday morning or Sunday afternoon, try to fly on Tues- day, Wednesday or Saturday to avoid the business travelers. Avoid peak travel times:6, 7, 8am and 4,5,6pm. Non-stop flights are more expensive than ones with connections. Check the small print before you cancel a flight because the times have changed. No it’s 24 hours ahead to change or cancel a flight. Avoid a “Direct” flight—it may have several stops but you won’t change planes. Avoid connecting flights if you can but they’ll be less expensive. Always have at least 2 hours to connect. (airline’s legal limit is 20 minutes.) For International Flight allow even more –4 hours. Avoid the last flight of the day—it is the one that gets cancelled the most. Check alternate airports to save money, John Wayne instead of LAX. Select the best seats –

Use the APP—Seatguru, to help locate the best seat. It gives you clues like half of the exit row seats do not recline and the last row on the plane doesn’t recline. Avoid the back of the plane where people stand for the restroom. When flying alone always pick an isle seat—when fly- ing with a spouse chose an isle and window—most often the middle seat will not be booked. Near the front saves time deplaning. Check your seat assignment and flight number every week before a flight in case they change planes. They will move you but you can change where they put you if you keep checking. 72 hours before a flight they will upgrade high level flyers so you might be able to move to a better seat they vacated. You can always check at the gate for a different seat too.

The reasons to use an airline credit card: no bag fee, board early, discount on airline food, discount on airline club, fee waived for first year. Award miles are now based on the price you pay not the miles traveled.

TSA—never line up behind families or older people, line up behind business people who know what they are doing. NEW: The name on your ticket must match the name on your ID. Also, the spelling must be the same on the ID and ticket. TSA Precheck is definitely worth it— $85 for 5 years—most say they waited less than 5 minutes. Program the Customer Service number for your airline into your phone so that if a cancellation is announced you can get right to customer service to rebook instead of standing line with all the others.

Bill says never check luggage—why—you can change flights or rebook in the event of a can- cellation, you don’t have to wait for it to arrive and most importantly it doesn’t get lost! The added plus– you don’t pay baggage fees. Wear any large outerwear on the plane as it is not counted as an item! How to avoid jet lag—change your clock as soon as you get to the airport or on the plane.

Hotel secrets: join hotel frequent guest programs to get many benefits. Avoid rooms by the elevator or ice machine. Always get a room on the highest floor possible. Watch out for can- cellation policies. Do not make non-refundable reservations. Watch out for split rate reserva- tions—Friday is $150 but Saturday and Sunday are $300. Watch out for resort fees.

Rental car secrets: always book the cheapest car you will often be upgrades. Find the nearest gas station and fill up right before returning. Before you accept a car take a picture of all 4 sides, take a picture of parking spots, too. Very interesting! Thank you, Bill


Newsletter – January 30, 2018

Pledge by Jed Van Wagener

Invocation by Mike Grace

Visitors/Guests: Kathryn Turner, President of the Clarksburg Rotary Club; Judy Paige, Sacra- mento Club; Judy Ratledge, West Sacramento Rotary; Cindy Schaer and Howard Schmidt— speakers and Russell, Stephen Walker’s husband and CPA!

Earl Heverly was late and paid a fine for not being there to do the invocation and save Prez Mike from having to do it!

Happy Bucks: Les Gudger is happy that he got a new job with Mother Lode Van & Storage; Rob Olmstead is happy that his wife is almost healed from her knee surgery and he won’t have to be both mom & dad for awhile.; Tom Griffin is just happy to be here and very happy his Villanova Wildcats are the #1 team in the country right now; Patrick O’Neal paid $10 and says he’ll pay another $90 if the Patriots lose on Sunday to be a Bell Ringer. Bruce Stimson says Joel bought one of his tickets and owes $200 to our local foundation.

Bell Ringers: Bill Hambrick says he won $550 at the Christmas Raffle even though he didn’t attend the party, so he donated $100 to the District fund for Human Trafficking.

Everyone without a Rotary Pin was fined $1.

Kathryn Turner from Clarksburg told us about a terrific project Norm Johnson’s (formerly a long-time member of our club) granddaughter brought to her club. Jennifer Cavalari is taking medical supplies to Honduras with a group named SELF— Sustainable Empowerment Leadership Foundation. They provide humanitarian aid to communities in need. Their next trip is next week so instead of collecting items we passed the hat and raised $279 to help in their efforts. Just before she came today, Kathryn learned that the Folsom Prison is donating 500 pair of reconditioned (by the prisoners) eyeglasses. If you want to know more about what they do, go to www.selfhn.org.

Les reminded us that February 24th is Charter Night at the Del Paseo Country Club. Les says it will be an amazing evening and everyone should come.

Tickets for the All In Poker Tournament are available February 1st. Each Rotarian is asked to sell at least 5 tickets. Remember, the event is at Mercedes of Rocklin and it will be on March 10th. Anne Marie Schubert and Scott Jones are already committed to attend.

Randy is still offering $100 to the Foundation and a $20 Starbucks card for your dona- tion to Blood Source. He wanted to praise Matt Ross for being in charge of the Foun- dation and also donating blood.

Next Board Meeting is February 7th at 5pm at Howe Park.

District Conference is May 11-13 at they Hyatt at Lake Tahoe (Incline). Mike would like to see Arden Arcade have a presence there.

Mike attended the mid-year retreat last weekend. He thought it was full of good information and Brought Pres-elect Tom Goode his own “ding-a-ling” (bell) for fun! Tom will be going to pre-pets this weekend and then PETS in May.

Bill Hambrick announced they dictionary deliveries are starting right away and he needs helpers. First delivery is tomorrow at Whitney School, 4248 Whitney Blvd., at 1:45. The next delivery is on February 5th at Cottage School, 2221 Morse, at 2pm. Everyone who has done these deliveries says they are a lot of fun!

Word has it Louise Caplan is under the weather so Michael has been taking care of her—get well, Louise!

For those of you who know Hal Shipley, he suffered a stroke and now is dealing with congestive heart failure. He is out of the hospital though.

Howard Schmidt, Chief of Staff for Susan Peters, introduced Cindy Schaer, Project Manager, from the Office of Planning and Environmental Review. Cindy came to the County Department from Rocklin where she worked in economic development and the private sector. She now tries to work on Susan Peters most challenging projects. Today she brought us updates on area like Howe Bout Arden, Country Club Plaza, Arden Town, and Arden Creek Town Center. The Arden Creek Town Center where Watt and Arden meet is being refurbished and renewed with new stores and placement of stores as well as land- scaping upgrades. The hope is to provide a gathering place for outdoor dining and neighborhood beau- ty. There were many challenges that took special development permits. The developer wanted to have people look at the bigger picture and how it benefits the neighborhood. Some of the issues they had to fight for were moving buildings closer to the street, a drive through, larger signage and better trash en- closures. While the community fought most of the new proposals, they were passed and the rendering show a much more esthetic appeal to the center. One of the other issues was the wall that needs to separate commercial from residential. The neighborhood wanted a sound wall but the developer said a prefab wall would work much better. It was also approved. Additionally, 3 monument signs were ap- proved instead of 2. Deviations to codes are site-specific and take into account existing utilities and oth- er existing structures. The developer is eliminating 2 of the 5 driveways on Watt to make is more es- thetic and also safer.

Country Club Plaza is also going through another renovation adding theaters and a Rebounders Gym (trampolines). The owner of most of the property was finally able to purchase the Macy’s building so now the parcels are owned by the same entity.

Cindy is also working with the owner of the Walmart Sam’s Club Center to reuse those buildings once they’re closed. The changing landscape in retail due to the internet and online shopping is making a big impact on traditional shopping centers. They now are coming multiuse centers called Lifestyle Enter- tainment Centers.

Cindy also spoke about the Butano Apartments and pointed out that they are not low income housing but Affordable Housing. She suggested a family of 4 living on $60,000 is the target tenant. Most often when tenants move out is because they earn too much to continue to qualify. There is a minimum and maximum salary level to qualify. It is a great project with all the parking, park and such on the interior of the buildings. They have 24 hour security. There was a fight to get these built even though the prop- erty had been zoned apartment for 50 years. When the heirs took it over to sell, the community sued so that it couldn’t be developed into apartments. The community lost. There have been no issues there

They have 24 hour on site management that is very responsive.

Another project Cindy is working on in our are is the Plaza de La Fuente homes. This project is on Estates and is a 2 acre parcel with plans for 8 homes.

Cindy says to look for the Development Proposal signs around on properties which indicate there is a proposal before the County. If you have the project number you can search www.planningdocuments.saccounty.net and find out all the information that Cindy has at her disposal about every project.

Thank you for the great information on our area and it’s changing appearance.