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Newsletter – September 19, 2018

Invocation by Al Cady Visitors: Antonio Lopez, Dan Hines, Kristina Robinson and Ron Lader. People without Rotary Pins paid $1. Our hosts at JJ Pfister Distillery are Kevin and Gail Keck—fun fact, their daughter received an Arden Arcade Scholarship and is now in Pediatric Oncology. Announcements: On Friday, October 5th, we will have a Fleet […]

Newsletter – August 28, 2018

Pledge by Carolyn Ewing Invocation by Earl Heverly We are DARK next Tuesday, September 4th. Guest: Alicia, Al Cady’s fiancée; Maggie Schubert, who works with at risk children; Antonio Lopez who attended the car show and may be seeking membership! Bell Ringers: George Prather because he raced twice in Salt Lake City and then drove […]

Newsletter – August 21, 2018

Pledge by Bruce Stimson Invocation by Phil Kocycz Guest: Paula James’s nephew, Christian Walter James, has come to live with Aunt Paula while he’s attending Sacramento State. Visiting Rotarians: Desiree Wilson, Asst. Governor and Point West Rotary, Bill Martin and Lewie Donhost both from East Sac Rotary. Danny gave the update on softball—we lost to […]

Newsletter – August 14, 2018

Pledge by Invocation by Michael Caplan Guest: Miranda Nelson, Recreation Coordinator at Swanston Park. Nice to see Stuart Nelson back—he’s the President of the Insurance Agency Board and his meetings are on Tuesdays so it has been difficult to make Rotary meetings. Gary and Bonnie Johnson won Best of Show and Fan Favorite at last […]

Newsletter – July 31, 2018

  Pledge by John Gabriel Invocation by George Prather Guest: Phyllis Green visiting from Montana! Welcome, Phyllis! Prez Tom wanted to remind everyone to check out our new updated website at www.ArdenArcadeRotary.org and thank again Steven Walker from FastBreak and Linda Bigler and Carolyn Lewis for all of their efforts to get it up and […]

Newsletter – July 24, 2018

Pledge by Phil Kocycz Invocation by Mike Grace Guest: Theresa from Big Brothers Big Sisters Bell Ringers: Monika Singh had a birthday last Thursday and bought herself her first new car – a Subaru! Gary Johnson has been RVing around the country and has had too many adventures to mention except how he almost lost […]

Newsletter – June 19, 2018

Pledge by Gary Johnson Invocation by Al Cady Visitors: Pat Grace, who came to Mike’s first meeting and now his last. Thank you for loaning him to us this year! Happy Bucks: Cathy Skeen gave happy bucks to complement Prez Mike on his year as President for the many good things he did for the […]

Newsletter – June 12, 2018

Pledge by Paul King Invocation by Carolyn Lewis Visiting Rotarians: District Governor Sandy Sava and Asst. District Governor, Desiree Wilson. Welcome to long-time Rotarian, Dave Dahmen, good to see you, Dave! Andrew Ross, son of Matt, Jed’s brother Scott Van Wagener. Our speaker today, First Tee Executive Director, Angie Dixon and Tonya Goins. Bell Ringers: […]