Newsletter – December 11, 2018

Pledge: John Gabriel

Invocation: Tim Cahill                                                                                           WE ARE DARK ON DECEMBER 25th and JANUARY 1st.

Prez Tommy recognized Al Cady for doing so much to keep the club running and so much of it behind the scenes. Al asked if anyone has seen our stand up Rotary Sign that has been missing since the event at William Pond Park. Please check to see if you picked it up by mistake.

Happy Bucks: Jenny Davini gave happy bucks because her brother just retired from the Air Force and drove cross country to see her. Carolyn Lewis gave Happy Bucks for attending the Laurel Ruff Party and learning that Cathy Skeen is really a “Lunch Lady” at heart! Al Cady gave happy bucks because Paul King and Michael Caplan took over for him doing the cooking and did a tremendous job! Matt Ross gave happy bucks for the opportunity to play Santa again at Laurel Ruff. Patt paid happy bucks to thank everyone who attended the Laurel Ruff party and made it such a successful event.

Randy came in late to find he didn’t have a badge in the suitcase because Carolyn Lewis stole it to wear because she can’t find hers. Carolyn was fined a dollar, so Randy paid a dollar fine and stole another badge for Carolyn!

Rotary work day—on January 5, 2019, as part of our grant to El Camino High School, we will work in the new Black Box Theater doing whatever needs to be done to complete the project. We will have a BBQ afterwards.

On January 29, 2019, we will meet at Fast Break Tech. This vocational visit brought to us by Steven Walker will include lunch at their facility.

Prez Tommy wanted to thank Les Gudger and Randy Friedman for putting together a wonderful Christmas Party at Del Paso. He also thanked Patt, Michael Caplan and Matt for their work on the Laurel Ruff Holiday Party.

Prez Tommy wanted to pass the hat once again for Dyer Kelly Coats. Carroll Cook says we have delivered 104 so far and he will match any donations made today.

Linda Bigler and Carolyn Lewis are updating the website and would like any pictures you may have taken from events or meetings to put on the site.

Matt Ross made his first appeal for Rotary International Foundation. It’s that time of year to think of making 2018 donations and Matt is ready. He will also send out a link where you can do it by credit card. Remember, he will hound you with emails until you donate something—we want to continue our EREY status—Every Rotarian, Every Year. There are no matching funds this year, the funds have been allocated elsewhere. Remember, anything you donate goes towards your next “Paul Harris Fellow.”

Dr. Tina Jordan is our speaker today. We welcomed her back to talk more about the Guardian Scholarship Program she is involved with at Sacramento State University. Dr. Jordan received her Masters at Sac State and her Doctorate at UC Davis. She has been involved with the Guardian program since 2006.

The program is for students who have spent time in the Foster Program and are having difficulty negotiating the college process without guidance. Dr. Jordan is pleased to work with Dr. Nelson, the President of Sac State whose goal it is to increase 4-year graduations from the low of 8%.

During her undergraduate schooling, Dr. Jordan spent 2 years in Koto, Japan. This experience taught her about living in a different culture and learning to assimilate into the culture. The Guardian Program takes former foster youth, some with traumatic pasts like attending 12 different schools, and helps them assimilate into the “college culture.” They do this first by helping them with the admissions process, housing, support both emotional and financial. Many of these students go into Social Work because that is what they know best after going though the foster program.

One of the major priorities of the guardian program was to have their own home community. On January 25, 2019, they will hold the Grand Opening of a new center dedicated to the Guardian Program. There will be counselors, lab work space with computer stations. This will provide a safety net for the students in the program. This space was made possible by donations from “Ticket to Dream”, and “Power to Soar.” In a space like this they can have peer to peer workshops to learn how to navigate the college culture and using grades to direct their pro-grams to fit their needs. It is important for the counselors to keep in contact with the students as well as mentors who are assigned to them.

They have held 2 retreats at the Embassy Suites to start this work before this new space was finished. Now this work can continue on a constant pace. There is a 90% retention in the program with a 94% graduation rate. The average grade point is 2.74.

The program is looking for mentors who would like to volunteer to help students in the program. A mentor can help with guidance a parent might offer like help thinking of where to find a summer job, or what type of class schedule would lead towards the final goal.

Thank you Dr. Jordan, for bringing us up to date on this important program.

Next week: Member Social……eggnog included!