Newsletter – October 16, 2018

Pledge: Carolyn Lewis

Invocation: Earl Heverly

Charlie Davis (Rotary Club of Detroit) and wife, Peggy, parents of today’s speaker. Charlie has 50 years perfect attendance!

Prez Tommy congratulated Bill Hambrick, Al Cady and Earl Heverly for a job very well done at Saturday’s Rotary Work Day. There were a couple of close calls but fortunately no one was injured. Bill says the Parkway Foundation folks are very pleased with the results. The BBQ was awesome and it was great for the Boy Scouts and some parents to join in and help out.

The Boat Trip during Fleet Week was a huge success. Bills are still coming in but it looks like there will be a bit of profit to the club. Prez Tommy tried to exchange Steve’s flag in Toronto for a new one but couldn’t so instead they made up some Arden Arcade International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians flags. Steve has one as does Roy to fly on his yacht.

Happy Bucks: Patrick thought the Rotary Work Day was great and was sad the 49ers lost a great game and happy his friends had a healthy baby; Carolyn Lewis was sad she couldn’t be at the work day but was in China for her son’s wedding; Randy was sad he couldn’t be at work day but was in Carmel celebrating his 38th Birthday; and is proud of his friend Debbie who is speaking up for herself; Cathy because she’s happy to announce that Friday is the 9 year anniversary of Brooke’s liver transplant; Howard because he attended the Pilots Convention in Kansas City and saw the WW1 Memorial and WW1 is featured on the cover of the Rotary Magazine. Stuart is happy to celebrate Brooke’s anniversary, Bill Hambrick is happy for Brooke and happy Saturday’s work day went so well and was such fun; Mike Grace gave sad bucks because he wasn’t at the work day but is happy that Al removed a dead tree from the park; Earl sang the praises of the crew who worked the kitchen for the BBQ on Saturday.

Everyone not wearing a Rotary Pin and a Rotary Badge was fined $1 each by Prez Tom.


  • Al is gone from mid-October through November, Steve will help with the Rotary Meeting Prep.
    November 6th our meeting is moved to Cannon on 1719 34th Street in East Sacramento. They are opening special for our lunch.
  • November 10th, Taco About a Fiesta at Mission Oaks Park. The event is from 6-9pm and there will be food, drinks, music, etc.
  •  Two dates to put on your calendar: December 4th—Laurel Ruff Holiday Party, December 8th—Club Christmas Party.

Danny and Julie’s son had to have Kidney surgery so please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery.

Monika Singh was presented with her permanent blue badge. Prez Tommy was also sporting a “new” blue badge with the name TOMMY on it instead of Tom. When Patt said it should cost him $5, he said he had a better idea. He called up Christine and Al (Co-conspirators with Michael Caplan (who is currently in Israel.) Tommy decided that they could answer 3 quiz questions and if they did they wouldn’t have to pay a fine, but if they didn’t answer correctly they would pay $8 for each incorrect answer. $8 was the actual cost of the new pin. So Christine missed all three of her questions and Tommy settle for $20 from her, Al missed all three of his and paid $20 as well! Net profit: $32! Yay, Prez Tommy!

Steve gave Happy Bucks just because he enjoyed the game!!!

Randy mentioned he’d love to give you a special pound of coffee and a $20 donation to the Foundation in your name for donating blood.

Tim Cahill announced a cleanup day at Rotary House is Saturday, November 10th, 8am. Many hands male light work!

Our speaker today is Torey Byington, the Executive Director of Effie Yeaw Nature Center. Effie Yeaw was founded in 1976 by Effie Yeaw, an educator and environmentalist, to provide educational and interpretive programs and information about the natural environment, principally the American River Parkway.

Prior to 2010 it was run by the Park District, but with budget cuts came the need to start a non-profit to run the center through the Natural History Museum. There is a staff of 18 (full and part-time), a 14 member board, 230 Volunteers, 1100 members and 1500 donors.

Many of the experiences are funded through donations. It is a natural wildlife oasis in Ancil Hoffman Park. There are 100 acres of wooded oaks. There is a naturalist on staff as well as a Natural History Museum and Gift Shop.

It is a wildlife and Nature preserve covering 77 acres with 2 miles of walking trails and lots of “watchable wildlife.” There is interpretive signage along the trails. There is also a replica Maidu Village for educational programs as well as a Butterfly Garden stocked with native plants attracting pollinators. They have over 100,000 visitors a year.

Many of their visitors come through school groups where 18,200 students are served annually along with 603 programs delivered to schools who cannot make the trip to the site. Most of these programs are funded by grants and donations and are delivered to Title 1 schools where over 6,000 students sometimes have their first experience in a natural wilderness setting.

The Effie Yeaw Center has Group Tours, Scout Tours, Weekend Public Tours along with a series of talks for adults on the “nature of Things.” The center also has a University of California Naturalist program, nature camps for kids, Deer and Fawn stories for little ones. There are also many events put on to raise money for the center:

Bird & Breakfast in conjunction with the Sacramento Audubon Society; The Spring Gala and Art Auction under the stars; Nature Fest, a community educational event with local organizations also in attendance and businesses exhibiting; a Holiday Sale on December 1st from 9am-4pm, a festive event and sale of unique gifts and books.

There are many animal ambassadors at the center who are unable to be returned to the wild for some reason. There are rattlesnakes, owls, a falcon and others. Usually they arrive here injured or once they’ve become too use to humans. Today, Torey brought with her a newt and a king snake. A newt can be deadly if you ingest it’s venom or if it is absorbed through a cut, the king snake is very strong and loves to be warm.

How can you help?

  •  Become a member
  • Adopt an animal (just financially)
  •  Sponsor at an event
  •  Volunteer

Thank you Torey for a fun presentation and quite a bit of information!

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