Newsletter – September 11, 2018

Pledge by Paula James                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Invocation by Al Cady

Bell Ringers: Rob Ford: Spent last week in Hawaii to celebrate his 27th Anniversary this coming Saturday. Jenny Davini: her daughter just became a homeowner in the Garden of the Gods! Cathy Skeen: Her son just got married and she found out 3 days before—no work! Happy Bucks: Bruce Stimson had the best 3 day weekend—he and Nancy took their 2 granddaughters to Safari West and went “Glamping” in a tent then drove the next day to Monterey and spent the night in the Monterey Aquarium watching the Enchanted Kelp Forest all night then went to the Zoo the next day. Boy what a treat! Linda Bigler is celebrating a birthday tomorrow. Rob Olmsted has been gone for a while—closing of the legislative session then spent some time in Alaska. Monika said her father who passed away 6 months ago had a bucket list and she and her mom wanted to do something on the list so they went to Loaves and Fishes armed with $250 worth of pies to feed the clients there. They’ve now decided to do something like it each month. Our speaker, Lou Stanfill said his son turns one on Saturday.

  • The window is still open for the Fall Grant applications. By accepting applications twice a year we can be choosier in evaluating requests. The decisions will be made at the October Board Meeting.
  •  Tuesday, September 18th we will meet at JJ Pfister Distilling Company at 9819 Business Park Drive, Sacramento 95827. This is our regular lunch meeting.
  • On Friday, October 5th, we will have a Fleet Week Boating adventure on Captain Steve’s boat in the San Francisco Bay. More details to come. Tim Cahill is co-chairing with Captain Steve. The bus will leave at 8am. Both the Parade of Boats and the Blue Angels will be there. Steve will prepare his “from scratch” Clam Chowder along with tri-tip, etc. There will be mimosas and Bloody Mary’s on the bus! Cost is $80 per person, guests are welcome but the number is capped at 40.
  • The 13th of October is a Rotary Work Day at William Pond Park. We will be restoring benches (thanks to the wood donated by Al Cady.) A BBQ lunch will follow. Meet at William Pond Park (at the end of Arden Way & the river) at 8:30am. Steve is getting the fireboat and Sheriff’s ATV to help move items. Arrive at 8:30 to build benches and lunch will be at 11:30.
  • Al still needs a stronger commitment from someone to help with set up and clean up for the meetings.
  •  The September 5th Board Meeting and Wine Down Wednesday at the Vogel’s home was fantastic and Prez Tom thinks all Board Meetings should be there!

Mike Grace was finally able to give Rob Olmsted his Paul Harris Pin and Certificate for all the help he gave Mike during his year as President.

Paul King and Monika Singh attended a 4 hour seminar on Human Trafficking on Saturday. They learned that human trafficking is a 150 Billion Dollar Business. There are 40 Million victims world wide and over 100,000 in the US. California is a hotspot due to its location. The 100,000 number is probably not accurate because many are not reported. Human Trafficking is “a person who is compelled to do labor or commercial sex acts”—with 80% being in labor and 20% in sex trafficking. Many are promised false jobs and then are held captive by having their passports taken away and then they are paid a pittance but charged huge fees for living expenses. This creates a debt bondage for the victim. Many victims are lured through family members or by threatening the life of family members if they don’t cooperate. In January a law was passed in California with broad programs to help reduce and eliminate human trafficking. Rotary has committed $400,000 to teach programs in 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grades about what it is and how to avoid becoming a victim.

There was a kick-off rally at the capital and now they are looking for schools to agree to participate in the program. This is “community service at it’s finest.” Monika reminded us that if we see something odd, do something about it. Online sites are especially high for recruitment but also nail salons, convenience stores and such can be as well.

The Rotary District is doing a blood drive and Randy Freidman is again challenging Arden Arcade members to give in the name of Arden Arcade Rotary. When you do you’ll receive a special pound of Sedna Coffee as well as a $20 donation made in your name to the Foundation. Thank you, Randy!

Our speaker today is Lou Stanfill, a 2003 graduate of Jesuit and UC Berkeley graduate where he played Rugby on his way to becoming a US National Team Player. Lou talked about the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and what it meant to him. On that day, September 11, 2011 he was playing in the World Cup of Rugby in New Zealand. In the first game against Ireland, they lost but then went on to beat Russia in the next game before losing to Australia and Italy. Rugby is HUGE overseas, and the World Cup is the 3rd largest sporting event.

Lou told us why 9-11 is important to him and all of US Rugby. Mark Bingham, a CAL Rugby player was on flight 93 and he was paramount in keeping that plane from going on to Washington DC. He along with his fellow passengers overtook the terrorists and brought the plane down. In addition, Sean Lugano who was a member of the NY Athletic Club Rugby Team was a first responder who lost his life helping others during the attack. Sean’s brother, John, came to New Zealand to address the team prior to their game. He spoke from the heart of how much Rugby meant to him. Lou said all of this just highlights the attitude of “for the greater good.” There was also a Memorial Service in a church in New Zealand and the church was packed. The team also received messages from first responders and firefighters of encouragement. There is a “brotherhood” among rugby players. There is true evil in this world and we should all be proactive in stopping it before it happens.

Rugby Nor Cal is a non-profit organization formed to promote and teach youth rugby. Along with teaching the game of rugby, their mission is to promote higher values. Although rugby is a game of “hit as hard as you can,” it is also the “sport played in heaven.” While rugby is a hard hitting, rough game, the players are held to a high standard. They have respect for the sport as well as for their fellow players. Nor Cal Rugby hopes to raise the awareness of the game. Northern California has had more players on the National Team than any other place. Cal Rugby is big-time as is Jesuit’s team.

Rugby is not like other sports. Football, basketball and baseball players dream of going pro and getting a huge salary. Rugby players can play professional for years and finish in debt. Blaine Scully, a former Jesuit player and Jan Scully’s son, scored the first skin for a tier 1 National team from the US.

How can we help Nor Cal Rugby? Donate, Get Involved, support the teams.

Thank you, Lou, for the insight into Rugby and good luck with Nor Cal Rugby!

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