Newsletter – August 28, 2018

Pledge by Carolyn Ewing
Invocation by Earl Heverly

We are DARK next Tuesday, September 4th.

Guest: Alicia, Al Cady’s fiancée; Maggie Schubert, who works with at risk children; Antonio Lopez who attended the car show and may be seeking membership!

Bell Ringers: George Prather because he raced twice in Salt Lake City and then drove straight home to be in his bowling league championships—and he bowled a perfect game (300)!!! Cathy Skeen because she and a group of fellow Rotarians purchased a dinner at the Golf Tournament and they attended Saturday night and had a spectacular time—it was a fabulous, “fancy” dinner! Then on Sunday she and her husband Dave drove to Fresno to attend Dave’s nephew’s wedding—it had been 20 years since Dave has seen his family! Carolyn Lewis because her son was married on Sunday as well and even though the amazing Dim Sum Brunch Carolyn planned for the Rehearsal was fabulous they ended up 4 seats short in a very crowded restaurant…all turned out well and it was wonderful.

Happy Bucks: Steve Turner because he was explaining to a friend what Rotary is all about and our Rotary Van drove by and just emphasized our impact! John Gabriel because he shot his age in golf! Christine Jensen because she missed last week because her boyfriend whisked her away to an Ed Sheering Concert in San Francisco! Al Cady because Alicia is here! Rob Ford because he’s feeling an emptier house with one daughter off to University of Delaware for her senior year and the second off to Sonoma State for her sophomore year! Randy gave shame bucks because he donated blood at a Jewish Food Festival and they got the credit not Rotary! Paula because her nephew emptied the dishwasher!

Those without pins and name badges—THERE WERE NONE!!!


  • The window is officially open for the Fall Grant applications. By accepting applications twice a year we can be choosier in evaluating requests. The decisions will be made at the October Board Meeting.
  •  On September 5th at the Board Meeting, there will also be a Wine Down Wednesday gathering with drinks and hors d’oeuvres at Roy and Linda Vogel’s new house in Serrano. 4761 Gresham, El Dora-do Hills. Please bring an hors d’oeuvre to share. Everyone is invited!
  • Tuesday, September 18th we will meet at JJ Pfister Distilling Company at 9819 Business Park Drive, Sacramento 95827. This is our regular lunch meeting.
  • On Friday, October 5th, we will have a Fleet Week Boating adventure on Captain Steve’s boat in the San Francisco Bay. More details to come. Tim Cahill is co-chairing with Captain Steve.
  • Prez Tom announced Sandy Zales is retiring from Rotary as she has moved to a memory care facility at Eskaton. Her family made a $250 donation to Rotary.
  • The 13th of October is a Rotary Work Day at William Pond Park. We will be restoring benches (thanks to the wood donated by Al Cady.) A BBQ lunch will follow. Meet at William Pond Park (at the end of Arden Way & the river) at 9am.
  •  Tim Cahill also announced a Rotary House Clean-up Day will take place in November. We are one of several clubs to operate the Rotary House and it’s our turn to do some light maintenance. It’s light work for many hands and very satisfying to see how our Centennial Project has added a much need resource to the community.
  • Al still needs a stronger commitment from someone to help with set up and clean up for the meetings.
  •  Dictionaries are on order and will be delivered in December. The hand out dates will be in January and
    February. Bill Hambrick will take sign ups later.
  • Mississausa Meadowvale Canada sent us their club flag for using Tom’s Toronto video!
  • Mike Grace was prepared to tell jokes but Michael Caplan became a Bell Ringer for him not to!

Linda Bigler introduced today’s speaker, Mery Santos from SEDNA Specialty Coffee Company
Mery was born and raised in Venezuela. She came to the US to complete her college education at the University of Missouri. She was introduced to the coffee industry in 1999. Coffee became her passion. She is the immediate past President of the International Women Coffee Alliance, a non-profit organization with the mission to “empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives.” Mery’s company, Sedna Coffee Company was started in 2016 to source and roast coffee from women producers.

Mery is familiar with Rotary. She has worked with San Diego Rotary to provide Micro Loans for women coffee producers. She thinks the micro-loan program is amazing! She also volunteered for the Rotary Youth Incentive Program in Sacramento and her mentee just started pre-med studies at UCLA!

Mery quizzed us on our knowledge of coffee: The first coffee beans were discovered in Ethiopia. A farmer noticed goats eating the berries and getting stimulated and decided to make a “tea” out of the berries. This was the beginning of the coffee industry. A cup of regular drip coffee has more than (95ml.) of caffeine than espresso (63ml). The reason you seem to get a bigger kick from espresso is because it is concentrated. Is coffee a fruit or nut? It is a fruit—a berry. Is there more caffeine in dark or light roast? Light roast has more caffeine. Sedna means abundance and it was the last named start to be found. Who is the biggest coffee producing country? Brazil is number 1 followed by Vietnam and Columbia. Decaffeinated coffee is not truly “caffeine free”. If you drink 10 cups of decaffeinated coffee you’d be consuming the equivalent caffeine of 2 cups of caffeinated coffee.

Mery says that we may not have enough coffee production in 10 years unless we help support the farmers and pay them a livable wage. The fair trade process doesn’t really help the farmers unless they can become certified and that is a very expensive process. Doing business directly with the farmer is the best way to ensure a fair wage to the farmer.

Americans drink 3.2 cups of coffee a day. 59% of them are gourmet or specialty coffees. 46% are drunk away from home. There is an age correlation between where someone drinks coffee and which type with 65 year old and older people more likely to drink brewed coffee at home. Over 4,000,000 cups of coffee are drunk every day.

Coffee is a shrub which flowers once a year except in Brazil and Columbia where a plant can flower twice a year. Erna Knutsen was the first to coin the “specialty coffee” term in 1974. She was very passionate about specialty coffee and elevated it’s stature!

How are the coffee beans processed: honey, dry washed, pulped natural…

  • Washed coffee is put through a depulper then it is washed and dried.
  • Dry process is where they just dry the beans in their natural state (sweeter and fruitier)
  • Honey is somewhere between natural and washed—the outer shell is removed then it goes through the pro-cess (sweeter)

Natural and Honey are of a higher premium to a roaster. The coffee roasting effects the coffee profile. Mery says you can listen to the bean pop and know it’s ready. Mery has traveled to coffee producing countries for 20 years. Her company is a small batch specialty coffee roaster delivering fresh roasted beans to your door. She does not have a brick and Mortar storefront, she prefers to use her private model of personal delivery, corporate gifts and fundraising events. Her corporate gifts are all custom made and sometimes include other women owned local, natural products.

Her main product is the subscription of specialty coffee freshly roasted beans. She can be reached at 916 412-9436, or

Thank you, Mery, for a very interesting look at coffee!

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