Newsletter – August 21, 2018

Pledge by Bruce Stimson
Invocation by Phil Kocycz

Guest: Paula James’s nephew, Christian Walter James, has come to live with Aunt Paula while he’s attending Sacramento State. Visiting Rotarians: Desiree Wilson, Asst. Governor and Point West Rotary, Bill Martin and Lewie Donhost both from East Sac Rotary.

Danny gave the update on softball—we lost to the Sacramento Club. Danny reported that Joe Green was very upset because the Sac Club put on champion t-shirts and he thought they were pretty arrogant to have them already made, but it turned out they came from the Fulton El Camino Park District. Steve Turner chimed in with Happy Bucks and said up until a certain time our team was right in it but the tide took a turn and the Sac Club took advantage of it. Steve felt our team did a great job and he’s very proud of our team! Tim Cahill admitted he’s the oldest member of the team and gave Happy Bucks for the team allowing him to play. Prez Tom says the President of the Sacramento Club has already challenged him to a bet for next year’s championship.

Additional Happy Bucks: Randy because he’s been out with a pinched nerve and has some wicked fuzz on his face, John Gabriel because his daughter and granddaughter stopped by on their way to Sonoma State to return Lexi for her sophomore year.

Those without pins and name badges were fined $1 –each.


  • The window is officially open for the Fall Grant applications. By accepting applications twice a year we can be choosier in evaluating requests. The decisions will be made at the October Board Meeting.
  • On September 5th at the Board Meeting, there will also be a Wine Down Wednesday gathering with drinks and hors d’oeuvres at Roy and Linda Vogel’s new house in Serrano. 4761 Gresham, El Dorado Hills. Please bring an hors d’oeuvre to share. Everyone is invited!
  • Tuesday, September 18th we will meet at JJ Pfister Distilling Company at 9819 Business Park Drive, Sacramento 95827. This is our regular lunch meeting.
  • On Friday, October 5th, we will have a Fleet Week Boating adventure on Captain Steve’s boat in the San Francisco Bay. More details to come. Captain Steve could use some help putting it together.
  • Prez Tom announced Paul King will be attending fewer meetings so Al Cady needs a helper setting up and cleaning up the meetings.
  • The 13th of October is a Rotary Work Day at William Pond Park. We will be restoring benches (thanks to the wood donated by Al Cady.) and doing some Parkway cleanup. A BBQ lunch will follow. Meet at William Pond Park (at the end of Arden Way & the river) at 9am.
  • Tim Cahill also announced a Rotary House Clean-up Day will take place in November. We are one of several clubs to operate the Rotary House and it’s our turn to do some light maintenance. It’s light work for many hands and very satisfying to see how our Centennial Project has added a much need resource to the community.
  • Mike Grace announced that the Theater operating at Howe Avenue Park is doing a children’s play this Sunday at 2pm as well as Friday the 7th at 7Pm and Sunday the 10th at 2pm. Admission is free to all, and Mike says it is a great time!

Our speaker today is Aaron Schlein, Host of Dramatic Travels. Paula says Aaron got his travel fever as a teenager exploring the world with his grandmother. Becoming a father inspired him to become an advocate for youth travel and create media content that encourages parents to travel with their kids.

Aaron told the story of how 9 months ago he knew he wanted to start a business but didn’t have a clue of how to go about doing so. His worst 9 months struggling to figure it out has become the best 9 months of his life (so far)! Aaron discovered that if he wanted to interview people for a book he wanted to write, he got little response. However, if he asked the same people to be on his Podcast they were very willing! At the time Aaron didn’t even have a Podcast, but that didn’t deter him! Why do a Podcast? If you have a message, or a solution to a problem and are having a hard time connecting with people interested in the same issues, a Podcast has become the way to connect. Sometimes people just like to talk and hope someone is interested in listening—a conversational exhibitionist. You use your voice to tell the world who you are and what you believe.

Only 25% of Americans listen to Podcasts, but in 2015 they made 69 million dollars in revenue. In 2017, it had grown to 220 million! The key is you can listen to Podcasts anywhere at anytime—it’s your own personal radio station of entertainment.

In the beginning, Aaron knew he wanted to start a business associated with travel. It expanded to travel with children and then to tell the story of how his travels with his grandmother influenced the rest of his life. He had entered a contest the Sacramento Bee ran about traveling in 2006. He won the contest by writing about his travels with his grandmother and realized, voila(!), his first Pod cast was born!

Previously he had graduated with a degree in Risk Management. For a project he researched how much airlines would save if people didn’t have to carry luggage on board or checked. He had discovered the airlines save $350,00 by no longer providing the “Sky Mall” in the seat pocket. He soon discovered it would take years and millions of dollars to do the research although he is convinced it would save the airlines millions of dollars.

In October of 2017, Aaron discovered “Entrepreneurs on Fire,” the first Podcast he listened to. It completely inspired him as he listened to that day’s speaker, Peter Shankman with great interest. His message was share good and positive things. From Arron’s first podcast where he interviewed Mr. Shankman, Aaron’s followers grew to 165,000. Aaron discovered 3 quick truths on podcasts: 1. Have a message, 2. Have solutions so people learn from you, and 3. Use your voice to connect. Listen to Aaron at Dramatictravels.

Thank you, Aaron for an interesting exposure to Podcasts and entrepreneurship.

Be the Inspiration!

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