Newsletter – August 14, 2018

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Invocation by Michael Caplan

Guest: Miranda Nelson, Recreation Coordinator at Swanston Park. Nice to see Stuart Nelson back—he’s the President of the Insurance Agency Board and his meetings are on Tuesdays so it has been difficult to make Rotary meetings.

Gary and Bonnie Johnson won Best of Show and Fan Favorite at last week’s car show. It was a great time and over $1500 was raised for the Carr Fire!

Happy Bucks: Danny gave Happy Bucks to update us on softball—we won—and playoffs start next Monday! Danny also told us that the Arden Arcade Pasta Feed to benefit SCIP is now going to be a Taco Bar Theme -”nacho average fundraiser!” – “Beans for Teens,” or something like that. It takes place on November 10th and Al Cady of Edward Jones is the Title Sponsor!” Steve Turner wanted to make sure everyone comes to the softball playoffs next Monday 8/20 at Howe Park at 6:30pm. Steve will have “beverages!” Patrick O’Neil paid Happy Bucks to celebrate playing softball on his 31st Birthday next Monday! Bill Hambrick paid Happy Bucks for winning a heatshield for his truck for knowing about the corvette type that Gary has from the Car Pro Show. Tom Goode announced he will pay Shame Bucks for not notifying the Piatti staff that we would not be here last week. OOPS

Those without pins and name badges were fined $1 –each.


  • Past Prez Mike asked Paula Jones to come forward and presented her with his Paul Harris Fellow!
  • On September 5th at the Board Meeting, there will also be a Wine Down Wednesday gathering with drinks and hors d’ouvres at Roy and Linda Vogel’s new house in Serrano. Everyone is invited!
  • Tuesday, September 18th we will meet at JJ Pfister Distilling Company at 9819 Business Park Drive, Sacramento 95827.
  • On Friday, October 5th, we will have a Fleet Week Boating adventure on Captain Steve’s boat in the San Francisco Bay. More details to come. Captain Steve could use some help putting it together.
  • Prez Tom announced that District Governor Jack Arney was at the Car Show so that took care of this year’s visit from the District Governor! Tom handed out 2 “Be the Inspiration” pins from Jack one to Monica Singh and one to Les Gudger. They exemplify getting involved right off the bat!

Christine went over the club’s financial report (it will be attached to this newsletter.) Christine has done a fantastic job of doing the treasurer’s job for the past 4 years following up one the great job Phyllis Green did. Our new Treasurer is Patrick O’Neil.

Steve Turner presented information on the Foundation accounts. The Arden Arcade Foundation was founded in 2000 at the time of Ray McClure’s death with an anonymous gift. The Ray McClure Fund is part of the Foundation dedicated to scholarship. The Foundation Board is separate from the Club Board, but while the Foundation Board has fiduciary responsibility for the foundation accounts, the Club Board is a committee of the Foundation Board. A memorandum of understanding between the 2 boards exists to have the Foundation Board oversea all charitable giving and take an active roll in over-seeing the investment accounts. There are 7 Directors on the Board: Steve Turner, Patt McCormick, Bruce Stimson, Matt Ross, Tim Cahill, Carroll Cook and Larry McClure. They meet quarterly in January, April, July and October. Steve announced that due to the successful fundraising this past year, the 2018-2019 year is pre-funded so that Presidents can budget knowing their range.

Steve also reported that we will produce an official annual report for the first time this year as well as send official acknowledgements to all donors. There is a 3% fee paid to the club for operational expenses for every fundraiser. Steve also made clear the fact that the Arden Arcade Foundation is not a part of the Rotary International Foundation.

Our speakers today, Jessica Fielding and Gao Xiong from the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth. The coalition mission is the health and safety of the Arden Arcade area. They have been named the 5th agency concerned with the prevention of drug and alcohol . They work as part of SCIP but their mission is first and foremost a resource in the community for awareness and prevention of youth drug and alcohol abuse. Arden Arcade has been named the worst area in our region for drug and alcohol abuse. The SCCY tries to link teenagers to resources. Since October 2017, 101 community stakeholders have come on board. They have made presentations to over 1000 youth. Drug and Alcohol abuse affects everyone, but this agency targets their message to teenagers—6th grade and up. They have made presentations at many liquor stores and outlets to help them identify how they can lesson the attraction of drugs and alcohol. Things like not placing alcohol next to energy drinks or toy isles. The Arden Arcade Chamber of Commerce is presenting awards to merchants who choose to protect teens.

With marijuana being legal, how do we prevent teenagers from using it. The marijuana sold not is significantly stronger than that sold in the 1970’s. A new type, Wax– is 99% THC—the ingredient that creates the high but also creates anxiety and paranoia.

SCCY has a “Future Forward” campaign to continually update information through PSA spots and being out in the public with the van trying to educate and protect young people. The hope is to educate young people that their brains can be effected as well as their future. Another way the SCCY people reach out is through Town Hall Meetings. They have held 4 so far, 1 each at Safetyville, Swanston Park, Highlands High School and Job Corps. Their message is healthy brain, healthy life! SCCY also trains community leaders to share their message.

Future strategies are to hold neighborhood talks, merchant awards for protecting youth, red ribbon week activities, and attendance at the Washington D. C. Youth Prevention Summit The future is to include OPIODs and prescription drugs in their prevention education.

Thank you, Jessica and Gao for a great presentation and for all you are doing to help our neighborhood youth!

Be the Inspiration!


Treasurers’ Year-End Financial Summary Report
June 30, 2018

Dear Arden Arcade Rotarians:
Under Mike Grace’s leadership, we enjoyed the year and raised money for both our community and beyond. The following is a brief summary of our financial activity for the past year.

Club Accounts:
Administrative Revenue: $68,900
SocialActivityRevenue: $ 4,600 $73,500
Administrative Expenses: $49,600
Social Activity Expenses: $ 6,800 ($56,400)
Reserve from prior year $5,200
Reserved for next year ($7,500)
Donation from Club to Foundation Investments: $14800

Foundation Accounts:
RI Member Donations $14,500
Misc Memorials etc $ 6,500
Grants $ 4,500
Golf Tournament (net) $49,700
Poker Tournament (net) $84,900 $160,100
Community Donations $20,900
Grant Project — Whitney LL $ 9,000
Event Partners:
Crisis Nursery $26,400
First Tee $21,200
Big Brother/Sisters $12,500
International Donations $ 4,000
Scholarships $11,050
RI Donation $19,300
Administrative Expenses $ 300 ($124,650)
Reserve from last year $21,950
Reserved for next year ($50,800)
(we are implementing a new budget process 2018-19)
Donation to Foundation Investment Funds: $ 6,600
Yours in Rotary, Christine Jensen
American River College — Scholarships
American River Math Bee
American River Parkway Foundation
Amigos De Guatemala
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boy Scouts
Dyer Kelley Elementary School
First Tee of Sacaramento
Friends of the Crisis Nursery
Laurel Ruff
Oak Park Rotary House
RI Dictionary Project
Rotary International
Shelter Boxes
Sherriffs Community Impact Program
Whitney Little League — Special Community Grant Project
Speech Contest Winners
Various High School Scholarships
Various Community Grant recipients

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