Newsletter – May 22, 2018

$5 and a Scratcher!

Pledge by Patrick O’Neil
Invocation by Steve Turner


Guests: Monika Singh (application in). Visiting Rotarian– Bob Mees, Foothill Plymouth Rotary Club. He publishes the newspapers in Rancho Murrieta and Amador County.

Chance to make a difference: Les Gudger paid “late bucks” for being tardy!

The Demotion date is June 30th, we will be dark on June 26th. The location is the Nepenthe Clubhouse at 1131 Commons Drive (Not the Campus Commons Club-house) in Campus Commons area. Bill Hambrick is doing the bar, Tim Cahill is work-ing on a skit, Michael Caplan is cooking and Les and Tom are going to make comments. It is an important event recognizing Prez Mike and his board and welcoming incoming Prez Tom and his new board. Volunteers are needed to set up and break down and help with the event. If you are interested call the person in charge of the area.

Prez Mike’s last Board Meeting, June 6th at Howe Park, 5pm

Carolyn Lewis says the individual golfer spot are now available to be filled for the golf tournament at Del Paso. Dimple Drop tickets are available to be sold. Everyone needs to try to sell them to make it a great success. A Title Sponsor has been secured but Greens Sponsorships are still available. Tim Cahill turned in his sponsorship today—thank you, Tim!

Rocklin Rotary is having their 10th Annual Brewfest on June 2nd. It’s at Johnson-Springview Park at 5480 Fifth Street in Rocklin. $30 in advance, $35 at the door.

Rotary Day at the Rivercats is June 5th. A portion of your ticket goes to Polio Plus. 3 price ranges are available, and an all you can eat BBQ is also available for $21.25, includes tri-tip,chicken, or hot dogs, 3 sides and a non-alcoholic drink at the Sactown Smokehouse. Contact Dan Mason for tickets (916) 376-4621. You can also buy the ticket but use it as a voucher for another game down the road—Rotary still gets the donation to Polio Plus. The game is the Rivercats vs the Oklahoma Dodgers starting at 7:05pm—gates open at 6:05pm.

Please note: the finance committee is announcing that dues are going up to $275 (from $250). This will be effective for the 2018-19 dues due beginning in June 2018.

Our speaker today, Tory, is from Peak Adventure an outdoor recreation program of Associated Students at Sacramento State, dedicated to getting you started in outdoor adventures. There is a full service bike shop, equipment rentals, on-campus ropes course, and array of adventure outings guaranteed to boost your confidence in the outdoors! They offer expert guides, equipment, and transportation. The mission is to “determine the future of our world by influencing the people who will lead and design it. Leadership development inspires all individuals to become their best self. We envision a world where people possess heightened personal awareness and acutely understand the interconnectedness of it all, whereby making our world a better place.”

Tory is the Outreach Specialist for Peak Adventures. She tries to bring the awareness of this wonderful program to the community by speaking to organizations such as Rotary. While the program is funded by the student fees at Sac State, it is not entirely run by students. They have experienced professionals on staff who are able to make sure the adventure experience is safe and memorable. The program is open to the general public and is used by companies and corporations as well as schools as a resource.

The 4 main focuses are:
·  Outdoor trips like backpacking, rafting, hiking, rock-climbing, wine tasting. Transportation and equipment are included.
·  Gear Rentals—there are all sorts of outdoor equipment needs for people new to adventures so they have plenty to rent and try out.
·  Bike Shop—one of the gems is “the best bike shop around.” They are known for their good prices but remembered for their service.
·  Challenge Center—this is where many corporate clients have company challenges or team building events. Schools also us this for field trips. When there are corporate team building adventures, they have experienced guest trainers who work along with the student staffing. A 3 hour program is offered along with a 6 hour program.

Peak Adventures also runs Youth Summer Camps which are not your typical arts & crafts day-care. They can include week-long camping trips and white water rafting and experiences that can make memories to last a lifetime. One of Tory’s favorite memories was a 5th grade adventure she had in camp.

The ropes course has a minimum age of 8 years old. All of their programs can go from easy up-ward—Tory says levels 1-4 with 4 being the most difficult. No equipment is needed so it’s easy to try out new experiences.

Thank you, Tory for bringing Peak Adventures to out attention!

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