Newsletter – May 15, 2018

Our soon to be newest Member, Monika Singh!

Pledge by John Gabriel
Invocation by Danny Curtola

Guests: Monika Singh (application in.)

Mike reminded us there are only 46 days until his term is over! Remember, May 22nd, Paul King will substitute for Pres Mike who is unavailable and plans to restore dignity and decorum to the meeting!!

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Jenny Davini because her daughter has finished her last college exam and graduates on Saturday. Happy Bucks: Rob Olmsted is happy to have St. Ignatius represented at today’s meeting (his kids go there and he’s buttering up the principal.) Prez Mike gave Happy Bucks because he was able to spend his birthday at the District Conference in Lake Tahoe and had a great time. Joel gave Happy Bucks because he shared a cigar and wine with Prez Mike for his birthday. Prez Mike announced that Joel is fine free for the remainder of Mike’s year for attending the conference. Matt Ross is happy to see Arden Middle School represented today He gave $5 for each year his kids have spent there. Bill Hambrick gave Happy Bucks for his grandchildren—there are 2 so he gave $2! Duane responded he has one grandchild that just celebrated her 4th birthday and he gave $10 and challenged Bill’s $1 each! John Gabriel gave Happy Bucks because Sac State is going to the NCAA Division 1 Playoffs against UCLA and he and Jackie are going to cheer them on. Both he and wife, Jackie, are big softball fans. Mike Caplan paid Happy Bucks because “it’s not malignant!”

Next weeks pledge: Patrick, O’Neil invocation: Steve Turner.

The Demotion date is now June 30th, we will be dark on June 26th. Details TBD.
Prez Mike’s last Board Meeting, June 6th at Howe Park, 5pm

Joel says the individual golfer spot are now available to be filled for the golf tournament at Del Paso. Dimple Drop tickets are available to be sold. Everyone needs to try to sell them to make it a great success.

This week’s program is “Scholarship Day.” John Gabriel told us that 32 years ago, then President Jack Worthington asked John to come up with an idea different from the scholarships we gave away and never heard from the recipients. As a Middle-School principal, John thought that level was somewhat overlooked. The idea was hatched that middle school Principals and staff would be asked who most represented a “Rotarian-like” attitude from their 8th grade class. We would present that student with a small scholarship but then have them back each of their four years of high school—as long as they continued to meet the criteria.

Each year the students come back to a luncheon meeting and tell us about their year and by their senior year they have earned a $1500 scholarship. This year we have exceeded over 100 students
honored by this program. The first year an eighth grader comes he or she is introduced by their principal and do not have to speak to the crowd. After that first year, the student tries to fit into 2 minutes all the activities and community service they have been involved with over the year.

The senior students this year are:
· Michael Sparre, who is joined by his parents. He began by thanking his parents and the Rotary Club for this honor. He is a senior at Del Campo and maintains a 4.5 GPA. He is part of the Academic Decathlon group which came in 5th in the region. He was the highest scoring person and received honors. He also plays Varsity soccer, varsity tennis and competitive club soccer. He was part of starting an American Red Cross Club at school and put on CPR classes and a Blood Drive. He is planning on attending UC Berkeley in the fall studying Mechanical Engineering.
·  Nathan Maulino says he took his parents advice and fostered his passions. He is joined here today by his parents and younger brother. Nathan is a senior at Jesuit. He played Lacrosse and was surprised by the tight bonds that were formed among the players. He received the Sportsmanship Award, he thinks because when he was about to score an opposing player tripped him and he got up and helped the other player to his feet before getting the ball. Nathan plays the violin in the Jesuit orchestra along with a combined St. Francis and Jesuit orchestra. He is also part of Liturgy Workshop, a senior only group who helps plan liturgies. He is also in choir and helps lead in prayer and song. He worked at Sunrise Assisted Living in Carmichael and spent time playing Yahtzee with elderly residents. He has a 4.0 and plans to attend Cal State Fullerton or Cal State Pomona.
·  Guadalupe Mendoza arrived late because she was taking an AP Calculus test. She attends El Camino High School and is going on to the honors program a Sac State. In her senior year she has taken 4 AP courses and received awards in English and Spanish. She also played softball and soccer. She will be the first person in her family to attend a 4 year University.

The Juniors students this year are:
·  Daniel Dahlberg from El Camino. Daniel started by thanking Rotary for the opportunity. He said his junior year “grabbed hold of me and took me for a ride!” He was the starting guard in Varsity Football, the Team Captain in Varsity Swimming, he was on the Band Council and went on a mission trip to Honduras. In Honduras they went into the bilingual school and tried to help separate the students into levels so they would have a middle school and high school. They also dug holes for support beams and poured concrete. It was a great experience helping kids who looked up to them. The Pep Band (voted Best in the District) went on a trip to Seattle and played at the Museum of Flight and in Downtown Square. They also went to an amazing Pop-Culture Museum.
·  Gretchen Kerr attends Rio Americano. Her junior year started off with her as the captain of the Water Polo Team which won league and section championships and went on to State. She was the MVP. She then started as the point guard on the Varsity Basketball Team but shortly after the season began, tore her ACL and has spent the rest of the year working hard to get back to the sports she loves. She missed 3 weeks of school with her injury and is very grateful to her coaches and parents for their emotional support. She teaches at a pre-school camp and is Captain of a Club Water Polo team.
·  Isabel Carrillo attends Christian Brothers. She says her Junior year was as hard as everyone told her. She joined a group who went to Arizona to see the other side of immigration and form their own individual opinions about their stand based on facts. It was an eye-opening experience.
She also acts as a Sac Zoo Camp Counselor, a soccer coach for 3-4 year olds, and is a counselor at Camp Recreation where kids with developmental disabilities are matched one on one with a counselor.

The Sophomore Students this year are:
·  Caitlin Jordan from El Camino High School. She is here with her mom and Middle School teacher, Mr. Barnes. She has been elected Junior Class President. She has helped with the Weave Run and other volunteer activities.
·  Mikaila Dacanay attends Christian Brothers. She has a 4.0 GPA and is taking AP classes. She is interested in Broadcast Journalism and will be part of the school’s radio programing. She is a Class Officer, sports medic, a member of the National Honor Society, and started playing softball and is starting at 2nd base.
·  Julia Finnecy attends Rio Americana. She is joined by her parents. She volunteered at Camp Have a Lot of Fun and they hired her for a paid position. She also volunteers at Sacramento Kindness Companions. At school she plays water polo and just completed her swim season. She received a Certificate of Excellence.

The Freshman students are:
·  Katie Norlie attends El Camino. She is active in student government and will be Sophomore Class Treasurer next year. She played Varsity Soccer and received and award. She continues to train with her coach to “progress mentally and physically”. She has a weighted 4.33GPA and loves to take on leadership roles. She has volunteered at vacation Bible School, Shamrock and Half Marathon, and reading with children. She feels community service is an integral part of the high school experience.
·  Gabriel Maulino attends Jesuit. His first impression was it would be all work and no fun but that impression has changed as he got use to high school He carries a 4.78GPA and is in the Jesuit Concert Band. He also tried wrestling for the first time and received the Most Improved Award. He volunteers with the elderly. He feels “high school is the place to learn, grow and develop.”
·  Jazmine Hibbs attends El Camino. She volunteered with her church group to work with at risk youth. She belongs to a leadership group at church to give input of what youth wants from their church. She played volleyball, wrestling and softball and swims for Manor Park & Rec. She is also a member of AVID –Advancement Via Individual Determination. She is also in the choir.

The eighth graders were introduced by their principal.
·  Mimi Vitullo was introduced by Chris Houger. She attends Arcade Middle School. She will be attending St. Francis in the fall. She is hardworking and volunteers to do “anything to help.” She plays soccer, softball and volunteers at the Community Library.
·  Sierra Witte attends Arden Middle School. She enjoys many activities and volunteers a lot. She has worked on her Silver Award for Girl Scouts, plays basketball, lacrosse and belongs to her church group. At summer camp volunteers to do “whatever you have for me.” She is a member of Science Olympiad. She’ll be attending Rio in the fall.
·  Sam Kesich attends St. Ignatius and was introduced by Principal, Patty Kochis. Patty says—”if you need anything done, Sam’s the one!” He truly embodies the “Men for Others” Jesuit code. Sam is an Alter Server, and will attend Jesuit in the fall. Sam has done a year-long service project to raised money for the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home.

What an impressive group of young people! They would all be great future Rotarians! Thank you, John for organizing and hosting the Annual Scholarship Luncheon. As always it is one of the best meetings of the year!

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