Newsletter – May 1, 2018

David Davini explains his Eagle Scout Project

Pledge by Tim Cahill
Invocation by Paula Jones

Guests: David Davini, son of Jenny, Monika Singh (2nd visit).

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Gary Johnson became a multiple Bell Ringer because his son graduates from Loyola Marymount next week and his daughter graduates from Boston College with her Master’s Degree shortly after that. Les Gudger gave Happy Bucks because he has such a great time at the Fireside at Linda Bigler’s. home. Jenny gave Happy Bucks because she’s happy her son, David, is here today, and also because she was able to attend her daughter’s last college concert (bittersweet.) Cathy Skeen gave Happy Bucks for hosting the Anne Marie Schubert event last night at her home which raised $30,000 for Anne Marie. Al gave Happy Bucks because he attended the nice event and Howard gave Happy Bucks because he feels guilty to have taken Dave’s last 2 beers last night. Paula gave guilt dollars for missing the Fireside. Tom told his joke which fell flat so Gary jumped in and told one which was not much better.

We heard from 2 Hidden Gems: Carroll Cook and Casey Henderson:
Carroll told us about our new member, Casey who was born in San Jose but moved to Sacramento shortly thereafter. He attended Presentation School and Mira Loma where he loved all sports but particularly tennis, golf and skiing. His Grandfather was Gordon King, Brian Wiese’s partner, so Casey chose to join Arden Arcade and Brian was his sponsor. Casey was a USTA player and spent a lot of time at the family ski in ski out lodge in Mammoth Lakes. His first job was at 31 Flavors and the Julias Clothing Store. After college he joined his mother in the mortgage loan business. Carroll Cook is a third generation Sacramentan. He attended St. Philomene’s with his future 2nd wife, Karen, but didn’t know her then. Carroll got a business degree from Chico and looked at 3 options for future employment: Architecture, Law or Real Estate. Over his varied career he has employed them all. The Cook family business was Real Estate—Artz and Cook, back in the days of no MLS, no lock boxes, no fax machines, etc. In-stead, agents had a book published weekly of all the current listings. Carroll has always had a love of cars and still owns his first car a 1931 Model A convertible. He then had a Chevelle Super Sport which he raced without his parents knowledge. Carroll formed a construction company with his brother-in-law and built homes ahead of their time in Santa Cruz where he incorporated all his favorite aspects of business. When his father passed away he returned to Real Estate and ran the Artz and Cook and then the Cook Companies. Currently Carroll and Karen love to travel and spend time with their 10 grandchildren. He has been in Arden Arcade since 1993.

We are DARK on May 29th due to the Memorial Day Holiday

Paul King announced the last Fireside Meeting at Linda Bigler’s was a great success.
Attached to this newsletter are future President Tom Goode’s notes from the Firesides.

Rob Ford brought us up to date on the Golf Tournament. He also said items for the Auction, and Tee Prizes are needed. Our Partners are the Crisis Nursery and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

We will have our lunch meeting on May at the Culinary Café at Leo Palmiter School (2040 Ethan Way). We will again donate money for the correct shoes for the students.

May 3rd is the Annual Big Day of Giving—keep Rotary (Rotary House Foundation, Rotary Inter-national, Polio Plus, etc.) in your thoughts along with our speaker’s organization Sacramento Running Association!

David Davini tried to explain the murals he is planning to paint in the Math Courtyard at Rio Americana High School—we were all very confused! His Eagle Scout project idea is to bring math into the open and celebrate how much he loves math. He feels math is very under celebrated at Rio. Along with the murals he is also going to redo the planter boxes and bring elegance and beauty to the area. His cost will be about $1300 and he has raised $800 so far. We passed the hat and gave him $500 for his worthwhile project!

Board Meeting—tomorrow, May 2, 5pm at Howe Park.

The Demotion date is now June 30th, we will be dark on June 26th. Details TBD.

Our speaker today is Scott Abbott, Executive Director of the Sacramento Running Association since 2014. Scott is from Sacramento, attended Jesuit and UCLA and got a Master’s in Sports Management from USF. Scott has coached at UCLA and USF and trained with some of the premier runners in Sacramento (Michael Stember, an Olympic hopeful who ran for Stanford after Jesuit.) Scott is married to a runner and has 2 children.

Scott noted that he is well acquainted with Rotary as he won an essay contest held by Rotary when he was in middle school, he won $100. Also his father is a member of Point West Rotary. The Sacramento Runners Association began 35 years ago when 2 runners—Sally Edwards and John Mansour were running in Folsom and noticed they could see the State Capitol from where they were. The idea crystallized into the California International Marathon and formed the Sacramento Running Association. The topography of our area made laying out the course very easy with a net downhill run. They chose to set the first weekend in December as the time because there are not many places as favorable to running as Sacramento in December! In it’s second year, the CIM became the US Marathon Championship. It was again in 2017 and will be in 2018.

The SRA grew as the running industry grew in Sacramento. They grew from putting on the marathon to a year round running calendar of events. Sacramento is blessed with running re-sources like the American River Parkway and Fleet Feet Stores which run running programs. Over a million dollars is spent each year to fund program and events.

The CIM has become one of the top 10 marathons in the US. It is internationally recognized as the #1 Boston qualifier. Last year 30% of runners qualified for the Boston Marathon. More athletes qualified for the Olympic Trials from the CIM than any other race. The CIM brings in $11,000,000 in revenue for the city.

The growth in the running industry helped SRA expand, however the influx of corporate sponsored event has change the landscape and makes it much harder for a non-profit like SRA to continue to grow events. The lack of corporate headquarters hurts our city when it comes to sponsored events. SRA is one of the few local clubs able to put on running events.

The CIM physically connects 7 communities in our area: Folsom, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, East Sacramento, Midtown and Downtown. There are 20,000 participants and over 50,000 spectators. Unfortunately the CIM brings funds to the City but no support is given by the city in terms of funding. When there are issues like Union Pacific going through the course, the City is not available to help. SRA does not want to wait until a public safety issue causes a problem and would rather head them off. What CIM brings to the city: Civic Pride, running community. The down side is no corporate support and no city advocate for the running association.

Thank you, Scott, for the informative presentation—and for the t-shirts!!!

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