Newsletter – April 3, 2018

Pledge by Paul King

Invocation by Michael Caplan

Visitors: Brandon (our waiter at Ruth Chris) came to say HI—he is now the Beverage Manager at Ruth Chris. Steven Walker introduced Ema Adams who will be helping us with Club Runner today.

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Randy Friedman gave $100 in honor of Prez Mike’s plasma donation. Bill gave Happy Bucks since he and Leigh just returned from a couple of weeks in the Airstream going to Santa Barbara, Lone Pine and Mohave Dessert. They camped at the “Hole in the Wall Campground.”

Prez Mike asked the significance of LXXXVIII. It is 88 and that’s how many days he has left in his term! Tom Goode, are you listening? Prez Mike also told the joke about computers and “auto-correct” – he says many children will hear from Satan this year (not Santa, get it?)

Paul King announced it’s time for our annual Fireside Meetings to help Prez-elect Tom plan his year. The meetings are held at members homes where they supply snacks and the club provides beer and wine. Paul has 3 dates: Monday, April 9th at Steve Turner’s; Monday, April 16th at Stephen Walker’s (West Sac) and Thursday, April 26th at Linda Bigler’s. Remember—it is required that you attend at least one fireside meeting.

Tomorrow, April 4th is a Board meeting at 5pm at Howe Park.

Rob Ford brought us up to date on the Golf Tournament and handed out written information to solicit Sponsors and Players. He also said items for the Auction, and Tee Prizes are needed. Our Partners are the Crisis Nursery and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The tournament will start at 10am and Box lunches will be provided to the players. At the dinner afterwards there will be the auction. Remember this event is at Del Paso and many golfers really want to play the course but can only do so if they know a member. This is a great opportunity for them to play Sacramento’s premier course.

Prez Mike said the Fourth of July Parade for the Fulton Avenue Association is on July 4th. He would like to see our members participate. It’s a great way to highlight your business to the area.

Foothills Highlands Rotary is celebrating Administrative Assistants Week by having Anne Marie Schubert speak. As we know she is under a lot of pressure right now, you may want to hear her and offer your support.

Prez Mike talked about attending the District Conference in Lake Tahoe in May. He’d like to see a presence from our club.

There is going to be a Rotary Day at the Rivercats in May. The Giants vs Dodgers—AAA teams.

This Saturday at Natomas High School is the District Assembly from 8am on.

Steven Walker has finally (thank you, Steven!) brought our ClubRunner database current. Now everyone should receive their Newsletter. Steven and Ema are here today to help everyone log on to ClubRunner and understand it’s worth. In the future, our ClubRunner can serve as our Roster and as a resource for contacting members right from your phone! Steven had sent “homework” for everyone to download the app to our smartphones. Only some followed through. Ema went around and helped people download it and find their login information. Prez Mike said everyone needs to download their picture by May 1st or they will be fined. Steven said he can help anyone who cannot figure it out.

Linda Bigler and Carolyn Lewis are going to try to update information and upload stories about events, etc. If you have information send it to one of them.

Joel asked if we can recapture historical information on fund raisers and mentioned that Facebook would be a good source.

The importance of Club Runner as a tool for our members to use was obvious, but the need for everyone to participate is the main challenge. Now that we have an “expert” we can get the information we need to bring everything up to date and show what a great Club Arden Arcade is! Thank you Steven and Ema for your help in making this our future!

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