Newsletter – April 17, 2018

$1000 Donation

Pledge by Jonathan Koycz

Invocation by Mike Grace

Visiting Rotarians: Sherry Tobin, wife of our speaker Bill both from El Dorado Hills Rotary. Guest: Austin Schlocker from the Arden Chamber of Commerce.

Les and Howard each donated $5 to keep Prez Mike from telling jokes….Cathy said she likes his jokes so she got to spin the wheel!

Chance to make a difference: Happy Bucks: Cathy gave Happy Bucks because she just spent a week in Sedona and played golf and got a 205’ drive. Steve gave happy bucks in honor of Linda Bigler and Carolyn Lewis who gave him free lift tickets which he and Audrey took advantage of and had a ball. Audrey took a private lesson and then a special lesson from Linda. Carolyn Ewing went on a cruise from LA to Canada with 26 girl-friends! Randy gave happy bucks because he got a bill reforming hazardous waste material disposal through.

Paul King announced the last chance to attend a Fireside Meeting is Thursday, April 26th, at Linda Bigler’s. Remember—it is required that you attend at least one fireside meeting.

Rob Ford brought us up to date on the Golf Tournament. He also said items for the Auction, and Tee Prizes are needed. Our Partners are the Crisis Nursery and Big Broth-ers Big Sisters. Remember this event is at Del Paso and many golfers really want to play the course but can only do so if the know a member. This is a great opportunity for them to play Sacramento’s premier course. Individual players do not really cover the cost of playing, prizes, lunch and dinner. It is very important to get the sponsor-ships to make it a profitable fundraiser. Dimple Drop tickets will be handed out next week. Carolyn Lewis and Linda Bigler are organizing the volunteers.

Foothills Highlands Rotary is celebrating Administrative Assistants Week by having Anne Marie Schubert speak. As we know she is under a lot of pressure right now, you may want to hear her and offer your support. It takes place on April 23rd at 5411 Luce
Ave., in McClellan Park at their meeting.

The Rotarians not wearing a pin today had a choice of paying $1 or singing “It’s a Small World”. They sang!

Tom Goode attended the District Leadership Conference on April 7th. He said it was a great way to reinforce the things he learned at PETS. Matt Ross also attended.

We are DARK on May 29th due to the Memorial Day Holiday

Carolyn Ewing says to look at your roster page and if anything needs to change let her
know. New members need a picture taken and their information turned into Carolyn.

Tim Cahill is the Treasurer of the Rotary House Board. They have a meeting tonight. There is a new tenant, a leukemia patient. Tim said for those of you who’ve never seen the house it is a very nice 2 bed-room 1 bath home and the Rotarians maintain it in good condition.

Bruce Stimson wanted to acknowledge the Poker Tournament and the contribution to First Tee which was over $21,000. The tournament grossed $106,000 and the Club received about $45,000 and Crisis Nursery received about $10,000. 98.3% of the money that came in went to the charities.

Danny Curtola asked Prez Mike to let everyone know it’s time for softball but we need players. If you are interested let Danny know.

Our speaker today is Bill Tobin, an Ambassador for Shelter Box. He has been involved with Shelter Box since 2010. When he learned about Shelter Box through Rotary, he loved the concept and now loves working as an ambassador for them. Through Shelter Box International he has met people from all over the world. Shelter Box was a Millennium Project started by a Rotary Club in England (ours was Rotary House) in 2000. The first place they sent Shelter Boxes to was India after a large earthquake and after that they were hooked and became Shelter Box International. Their purpose became immediate relief in times of disaster. They have served over 300 times in 100 countries since they began. 1.3 million people have benefited from receiving a shelter box.
A Shelter Box includes things like: blankets; ground mats; mosquito nets; water filtration—up to 300 gallons; solar light; a children’s activity pack; tools; hat, gloves and scarves; water containers; cooking equipment; plastic box; a relief tent. There are several sizes of tents: relief tent is most common but there are also larger ones—a Flex 3 with room for a fire, a midi one for nomadic populations, and an UN Spec tent when they can’t have any identification on them.

After the hurricanes last year, Houston used tents for infrastructure to house medical operations (breastfeeding and an autistic child). They provided a moment of contentment in the midst of chaos.

Sometimes Shelter Boxes are made without tents which allows 10 families to be helped instead of one when the need is great. They can even construct a shelter with the instructions in the box. Some area require local sourcing for items like plywood or reeds. They will even use the tarps to make a shelter. These shelters don’t last as long as tents but can be a Godsend during heavy rain. The tents are suppose to be a temporary solution but people in Haiti are still living in them 8 years later.

In Barramundi they used tents to shelter aid workers as well because the island was so devastated. One of the biggest needs for Shelter Boxes comes from refugees fleeing their country or the country’s regime. The need is great in refugee camps and Shelter Box is trying to meet that need. Things like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes are also where Shelter Box helps supply the need. All the boxes are housed in storage facilities mostly donated by Rotarians in strategic places.

None are stored in the US because sending them from here is too difficult. Shelter Box will not accept government funds because there are too many regulations attached. The one item they will accept is help with transportation. If a military plane is going to a hard hit region they sometimes transport Shelter Boxes. When the earthquakes hit Japan, Shelter Box was only able to help because of local Rotary Districts in Japan, not because of the government. When countries have a government that relies on bribes, we sometimes cannot ship Shelter Boxes to them unless they will accept them without a bribe. Volunteers do not work in places like Syria. They use local people who will then get the boxes to the people in need along with plywood and nails.
The latest effort is School Boxes filled with school supplies to help children regain normalcy by going to school. Bill showed a picture of a Syrian classroom with girls attending school.
What can we do? Volunteer, donate , spread the word, be an ambassador, join the response team. Be a voice—this is a Rotary Club project that went viral.
In order to respond to disasters as they happen, it is necessary to have sustained donations ready when needed. Usually people hear of the disaster and then contribute, but Shelter Boxes are needed immediately. A sustained giving program is a 3 year pledge at:
Bronze: $1,000 per year
Silver: at $3,000 a year or
Gold: at $5,000 a year
Arden Arcade presented Shelter Box with a check for $1,000 today. Thank you, Bill, for another great presentation for such a worthwhile project.

February 4th Meeting Minutes

Pledge and Invocation by Howard Stagg
January Birthdays: Michael Caplan, Larry McClure;  Anniversaries: Stan and Carole Nicolaus
Phyllis introduced Maura who is substituting for Gary (Gary should be fined for making her late.)
Phyllis also introduced John Green, her handsome husband.
Prez Bill mentioned how great last week’s meeting was, and thanked Katie for providing such great programs. Bill also mentioned that he received many comments about how much people liked having the bar open early before the meeting. We took a vote on having it once a month or every week. We chose to try having it open every meeting.
Sheila announced that Charter Night is our 63rd celebration of Arden Arcade Rotary, we are starting the 64th year of our club. The event is to be held at Del Paso on February 22nd. Sheila is passing up a sign-up sheet –  choose pork, salmon or chicken. Members pay for their attendance with their dues, but guests or spouses will be charged $50 each.
Maura updated us on the Poker Tournament. The key words to remember are SELL TICKETS! She passed around the volunteer sign-up sheet and reminded us there are still sponsorships available.
John Gabriel updated us on the Super Bowl pool. He started it at noon and the 100 spots were sold by 3PM! Bill drew the numbers. Larry McClure won quarters 1 & 2 for $300, Ed Crutchley won quarters 3 & 4 for $300, and Peter Panton won the final overall for $300.
Bill reiterated some important dates to remember:
The District Assembly is March 29th at Inderkum High School. This is a great way to learn more about Rotary.
The International President of Rotary will be at the Doubletree Hotel on March 30th. Dinner is $55.
The District Conference is in Reno at the Silver Legacy, May 2-4. Great hospitality suites!
The International Conference is in Sydney Australia, June 1-4. The Sacramento Club has a trip with airfare and excursions planned if you are interested.
Rotary at Work Day is April 26th, Mike Grace says if you have any ideas let him know.
Paul King updated us on the Rotary House. He says it is functioning well now after a rough start. They do have a tenant, but have had some issues with her. The Board wrestled with kicking her out but decided to let her stay. One issue they have is Rotarians who think they can stop by and tour the home. They don’t realize this home becomes the tenant’s sanctuary and it is not open for tours. They have a source to provide them the next tenant once this one has moved out. Steve Turner says he has had some dealings with the Rotary House Board and finds that they, and Paul King in particular, have done a wonderful job making the Rotary House a viable resource in the community.
Katie Pexa brought us up to date on programs. She thanked everyone for their ideas and asked them to keep coming.
February Programs:
2/11 – Anne Marie Schubert: she is running for Sacramento District Attorney
2/18 – Katrina Anderson: Safety Training
2/25 –The Beer Guy (Ryan Fry from Sudwerk Brewery
3/4 – Monica Miller – FBI Agent in Charge
3/11 – Speech Contest run by Jason Borg
3/18 – Doug Ose
3/25 – Alumni Day – Everyone is invited
In April we will have Nancy Milton on conflict resolution
Some other ideas were brought up:
  • Leo Palimeter School – Culinary Arts Program…Lunch?
  • St. John’s Shelter for Women – excellent work done to train homeless women to renter the workforce.
  • Members sharing about themselves
  • Mindy Russell from the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
  • Kevin Snyder from the Fire Chaplaincy
Michael Caplan updated us on our International Projects:
We have a project in India for medical training which we have partnered with the Rancho Cordova Club.
Our original Israeli contact was dropped but we are now in touch with a new contact. Michael is going to Isreal in April to visit the school and advance the project.
The Costa Rica Wheelchair Project which we supported is now complete.
Danny Curtola updated us on the web site. He has been working hard to get it up and running. He is going to a training on the 18th.
We discussed the trials of getting the new Roster out. The roster information will eventually be on the web site (password protected), along with the calendar, and newsletter.
$10 Rob Ford
$10 Tom Griffin
$10 Paul King and he did not pull the ace.

Rotary goes big with Encina Computer lab!

Arden Arcade, Point West and North Sac Rotary team up to build a state-of-the-art computer lab for Encina Prep School. An amazing project for a well-deserving school!

Rotary Provides Car Education for the Youth of Sacramento


It was not a typical Monday morning at Carmichael park. At 6am, with the sun just rising, youth and students from the Sacramento area rolled out of bed earlier than usual to learn something outside of the average high school curriculum. These students arrived at Carmichael park to meet with Rotarians to learn about the ins and outs of car maintenance. With these students only a year or two from owning a vehicle of there own, Rotarians educated and used hands on tactics to show them the appropriate maintenance, care and attention that a car requires.

Rotary Gets a Peek Into Encina High School as Principal for a Day

The Rotary Club of Arden Arcade’s President, Steve Turner, had a great day with Encina High School as their Principal for the Day! Thank you Principal Richard Judge and their amazing staff for giving the community a peek into your work. The students were respectful and “all in” for their future.

Farm to Fork to Rotary!

The Rotary Club of Arden Arcade hosted a great farm to fork presentation today by Kyle Hagerty and Morgan Daily from East Sac Farms! Kyle and the Chef from Ruth’s Chris worked together on our lunch out of their Farm! It was a wonderful presentation, lunch with Rotarians and all for a great cause!

Newsletter – April 10, 2018

Howard – 2nd Level Major Donor

Pledge by Patt McCormick
Invocation by Paul King

Visiting Rotarians: Jack Arney from the Roseville Club and District Governor-elect; Ray Ward from the Fair Oaks Club and running for District Governor along with a prospective member Monika Singh.

Joel was suppose to have a joke of the day but didn’t so he paid a $20 fine and got raffle tickets.

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Matt Ross became a multiple Bell Ringer because his daughter’s Volleyball team came in 4th out of a huge number of teams in a tournament and he celebrated his 50th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Matt! Happy Bucks: Carolyn Lewis announced 2 bike rides she would like members to join with her on, coming up on May 6th a 38 miler from Folsom to Scott’s on the river. It’s $50 but includes lunch at Scotts. Then on Saturday, June 23rd, the Lunie Luau team will join the Lunar Lunacy bike ride downtown. Bill Hambrick just returned from Virginia and his sister-n-law’s wedding. He said the Chesapeake Bay is over fished and he helped by eating everything he could! Rob Olmstead paid $5 for his daughter’s 5 goals in a tournament.

Howard Stagg was presented with his “Level Two Major Donor” pin by Jack and Ray. Jack said Recognition and gratitude are two elements of Rotary that are important to always keep in mind as we check our self promotion at the door. Howard said the Foundation is close to his heart, especially Polio Plus because his father who serve on Patton’s Staff in WWII contracted polio and was told he’d never walk again. He was hospitalized for 2 years and eventually walked again and became a Rotarian with Ed Best inducting him. Howard made a pitch for the Foundation stating his commitment to the great cause.

Paul King announced the last chance to attend a Fireside Meeting is THIS Thursday, April 26th, at Linda Bigler’s. Remember—it is required that you attend at least one fireside meeting. (4110 Norris Avenue.)

Rob Ford brought us up to date on the Golf Tournament. He also said items for the Auction, and Tee Prizes are needed. Our Partners are the Crisis Nursery and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
President Mike received an email from the Rotary International President asking if our trees were planted by the deadline (Earth Day, April 22nd). Thanks to Casey and Prez Mike he was able to say “with 6 to spare!” Thank you Casey and Mike!

We are DARK on May 29th due to the Memorial Day Holiday

Prez Mike showed a short video showing the Culinary Café at Leo Palmiter School (2040 Ethan Way). We will have our lunch meeting there on May 15th. We will again donate money for the correct shoes for the students.

Prez Mike also noted that the Demotion will be on June 26th—a dinner, so there won’t be a lunch meeting that day.

Matt announced that the District Grant ($10,000), went to El Camino High School to turn an English Room into a theater room. Matt mentioned that El Camino’s population has significantly changed to include 10% English learners, a significant refugee population and a large number of subsidized lunch program students.

May 3rd is the Annual Big Day of Giving—keep Rotary (Rotary House Foundation, Rotary Inter-national, Polio Plus, etc.) in your thoughts along with our speaker’s organization TLCS!

Our speaker today is Erin Johansen, the Executive Director of TLCS. She brought along her new External Affairs Director, Jody Dahms. Erin came to TLCS in 2016, with a huge background in Non-Profit management. TLCS is about “transforming and empowering the lives of people with mental illness by supporting independence and preventing homelessness.” They have been around since 1981, mostly supported by government funding. They promote recover,
resilience, hope, support, partnership, housing and are innovative and effective with wrapa-round services. They do what needs to be done to help someone. An example is Jerry, a 45 year old man with mental health issues. He started coming to TLCS for lunch—when asked why he came, he said “for the lunch”. But with the program helping him to seek services he needed, in 2 years he was addressing the Board of Supervisors and speaking on behalf of the most difficult problem in our society—homelessness.

The perfect storm of homelessness happened when the recession and housing problem hit at the same time. Builders stopped building affordable housing and a greater gap emerged in the housing sector for affordable rents.

Another example Erin gave was of an 80 year old man who had worked and was now collecting Social Security, he started having mental health issues when he could no longer afford his rent and found himself on the streets. He was taken to the Union Gospel Mission where he was put in the emergency mental health respite center in collaboration with TLCS. Here he was given the information to navigate the system to find his way through his crisis.

TLCS runs an intensive case management program that helps triage the situation, and help with housing by paying some portion with a voucher, by using HUD funds. They also run the Respite Center where kind and compassionate care is an alternative to going to the emergency room. They leave with a plan for the next time a crisis happens.

Mental health issues begin forming in males in adolescence where in females it is more in the mid twenties. It can take 10 years from the diagnosis until someone is receiving care. In places like TLCS they can experience a social group and not stand out, the dignity of work to build
confidence and experience.

They now have a partnered grant with Wind Youth Services for transition to housing for 18-25 year olds. They call it “Possibilities.” Through this program, they teach them to live in the world through things like conflict resolution, drug & alcohol abuse, learning to live with a roommate, employment programs. Once they are ready they can get a temporary rent subsi-dy. The hope is that be intervening earlier, more can be saved from being lost in society.

The biggest hurdle is having affordable housing. The hope is that developers in Southern Cali-fornia experienced in building affordable housing, will come to Sacramento and take the op-portunity to expand here. There is a call to give tax breaks to get people to invest in affordable housing opportunities.

Some of the issues are that mental health services are voluntary, and people resist the idea that they need them. We use to have a Mental Health Court which would require them to get services but it is no longer in place, Now there is such a wait for services that you almost have to get arrested to get into treatment. Erin estimates over 50% of the people on the streets are mentally ill or drug abusers.

Thank you for the interesting look into your organization!

Newsletter – April 3, 2018

Pledge by Paul King

Invocation by Michael Caplan

Visitors: Brandon (our waiter at Ruth Chris) came to say HI—he is now the Beverage Manager at Ruth Chris. Steven Walker introduced Ema Adams who will be helping us with Club Runner today.

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Randy Friedman gave $100 in honor of Prez Mike’s plasma donation. Bill gave Happy Bucks since he and Leigh just returned from a couple of weeks in the Airstream going to Santa Barbara, Lone Pine and Mohave Dessert. They camped at the “Hole in the Wall Campground.”

Prez Mike asked the significance of LXXXVIII. It is 88 and that’s how many days he has left in his term! Tom Goode, are you listening? Prez Mike also told the joke about computers and “auto-correct” – he says many children will hear from Satan this year (not Santa, get it?)

Paul King announced it’s time for our annual Fireside Meetings to help Prez-elect Tom plan his year. The meetings are held at members homes where they supply snacks and the club provides beer and wine. Paul has 3 dates: Monday, April 9th at Steve Turner’s; Monday, April 16th at Stephen Walker’s (West Sac) and Thursday, April 26th at Linda Bigler’s. Remember—it is required that you attend at least one fireside meeting.

Tomorrow, April 4th is a Board meeting at 5pm at Howe Park.

Rob Ford brought us up to date on the Golf Tournament and handed out written information to solicit Sponsors and Players. He also said items for the Auction, and Tee Prizes are needed. Our Partners are the Crisis Nursery and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The tournament will start at 10am and Box lunches will be provided to the players. At the dinner afterwards there will be the auction. Remember this event is at Del Paso and many golfers really want to play the course but can only do so if they know a member. This is a great opportunity for them to play Sacramento’s premier course.

Prez Mike said the Fourth of July Parade for the Fulton Avenue Association is on July 4th. He would like to see our members participate. It’s a great way to highlight your business to the area.

Foothills Highlands Rotary is celebrating Administrative Assistants Week by having Anne Marie Schubert speak. As we know she is under a lot of pressure right now, you may want to hear her and offer your support.

Prez Mike talked about attending the District Conference in Lake Tahoe in May. He’d like to see a presence from our club.

There is going to be a Rotary Day at the Rivercats in May. The Giants vs Dodgers—AAA teams.

This Saturday at Natomas High School is the District Assembly from 8am on.

Steven Walker has finally (thank you, Steven!) brought our ClubRunner database current. Now everyone should receive their Newsletter. Steven and Ema are here today to help everyone log on to ClubRunner and understand it’s worth. In the future, our ClubRunner can serve as our Roster and as a resource for contacting members right from your phone! Steven had sent “homework” for everyone to download the app to our smartphones. Only some followed through. Ema went around and helped people download it and find their login information. Prez Mike said everyone needs to download their picture by May 1st or they will be fined. Steven said he can help anyone who cannot figure it out.

Linda Bigler and Carolyn Lewis are going to try to update information and upload stories about events, etc. If you have information send it to one of them.

Joel asked if we can recapture historical information on fund raisers and mentioned that Facebook would be a good source.

The importance of Club Runner as a tool for our members to use was obvious, but the need for everyone to participate is the main challenge. Now that we have an “expert” we can get the information we need to bring everything up to date and show what a great Club Arden Arcade is! Thank you Steven and Ema for your help in making this our future!