Newsletter – March 27, 2018

Pledge by Steve Turner

Invocation by Pastor Earl

Visitors: Andrew Ross (son of Matt), a sophomore at Rio. Our speaker, Brian Baker on Respectology.

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Tim Cahill to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary.

Happy Bucks: Rob Olmstead because about a year ago he started looking into his wife’s grandfather’s military record and today the family received the 2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars and a French Honor Award he earned that the family never knew about. Paula James gave Happy Bucks for the community partnering we have that enabled a former El Camino student to be connected with Paula because as he graduates from Sac State he would like to work for Teichert. Robert Walden from El Camino was able to connect them. Michael Caplan gave Happy Bucks because he sold a home to a person who is donating supplies to the shops at local high schools and in turn receiving hands on work by the students supervised by their teacher to renovate the home to allow a homeless veteran to live there. Michael thinks having this person in as a speaker would be great. Also, Michael told a joke that his son told him about Moses being the first hi-tech person to use a tablet from the cloud …Carolyn Lewis gave Happy Bucks for the great ski season and explained that she and Linda Bigler are Ski Patrol at Sierra at Tahoe. She and Linda have free ski tickets to give to those who want them. Al Cady gave Happy Bucks because it’s 3 months until Tom Goode takes over (sorry Mike.)

Paula asked for a volunteer to chair the speakers committee next year so she can concentrate on Youth areas. Rob Olmstead volunteered and Paula said she would help him.

Paul King announced it’s time for our annual Fireside Meetings to help Prez-elect Tom plan his year. The meetings are held at members homes where they supply snacks and the club provides beer and wine. Paul has 3 dates: Monday, April 9th at Steve Turner’s; Monday, April 16th at Stephen Walker’s (West Sac) and Thursday, April 26th at Linda Bigler’s. Remember—it is required that you attend at least one fireside meeting.

Tim Cahill gave an update on Rotary House. Tim is the board treasurer. He just reminded us that it is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home we built with some other area clubs to house the family of a sick child hospitalized at UC Med. We have clean-up days to clean the home and yard between families. Patt reminded everyone that this was our Centennial Project when Rotary celebrated 100 years (2005). We went through a lot of trials and tribulations but it has been successfully helping families for years. Paul King was instrumental in keeping it open when the interest began to wane. Arden Arcade Has always been the leader in this ongoing project.

Prez Mike thanked Casey Henderson for being along side him planning 33 trees. Our challenge from the RI President for this year’s project of each member planting a tree is complete.

Tom Goode gave us some preliminary numbers for the very successful Poker Tournament. It looks like the gross is $104,000 with the net about $73,000.

Rob Ford reminded us that the Golf Tournament is on June 18th at Del Paso Country Club. The website is active and taking sponsorships (5 or 6 already sold). Sponsors have the first opportunity for spots to play. Our partners are Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Crisis Nursery. There are sponsorships available from $500 to $5,000.

Stephen Walker sent around printed lists from the Club Runner site and wants everyone to edit their information. He is updating the site (YAY!) and will speak to us next week about using the site.

The District Speech Contest is tonight but our winner is out of town and cannot attend. The District Leadership Assembly is at Natomas High School on April 7th.

Our speaker, Brian Baker worked in the corporate world for 25 years with AT&T and Bank of America. When he retired he founded Respectology a place to recapture the art of civility, kindness, courtesy, politeness and manners. It is a coaching service to help clients to tap in to their Emotional and Social Intelligence and increase their job skills. Emotional and Social Intelligence is the ability to be aware of emotional intelligence in others and ourselves to help man- age our relationships and ourselves. EI starts with an assessment of where the client falls on 26 competencies. It is behavior based. People at work can do better if they are high on the EI scale. There is a 4 quadrant model Brian uses in his teaching that covers the 26 competencies. There is Awareness in self and others; and Management of self and others. E & SI is about behavior. Behaviors can change. A person cannot change their genetic makeup or their base personality or how these are effected by the environment in which you were raised. However, behavior while influenced by personality and environment can be changed by developing greater Emotional and Social Intelligence.

This concept is being embraced by many leading corporations. PepsiCo has seen a 10% increase in productivity and a significant decrease in executive turnover. A leading pharmaceutical company has seen an 18% increase in productivity compared with a control group. Brian states that there is a 70% loss of customers related to the loss of S & EI. 50% of time wasted in business is due to the lack of trust. The top reason careers are derailed are related to a lack of S & EI including poor interpersonal rigidity and inability to work with a team. The benefits of S EI are positive emotions, earnings at about 33% more throughout their working lives, positive health and wellness, lower disease risk, and quicker recovery. People with positive emotions have more satisfying marriages and enjoy more social networks.

An accurate assessment of self-awareness and emotional self-awareness are basis of personal power. They offer the attributes of self-management, self-control, integrity, motivation and creativity, achievement and drive, realistic optimism, resilience, stress management, personal agility, and intentionality. Other awareness’s are sympathy, situational and organizational awareness, service orientation. Relationship management includes communication, interpersonal effectiveness, powerful influencing skills, conflict management, inspirational leadership, catalyzing change, building bonds, teamwork & collaboration, coaching & mentoring, building trust in others. Social & EI competencies are measurable & trainable. They are best learned through coaching because they are grounded in science and have a proven return on investment.

S & EI is a core-skill set that starts with awareness. Coaching allows for accountability and support. It takes about 6 months to see a change. Coaching begins with assessments of where the client is so growth is measurable. S & EI can change the culture by changing the culture of the leaders.

Thank you Brian for a very interesting presentation.

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