Newsletter – March 20, 2018

Pledge by Jed Van Wagener

Invocation by Mike Grace

Visitors: Dr. Robin Baron, a periodontist (ret.), and friend of Michael Caplan. Michael brought him to a club meeting where he heard about the Flying Samaritans and Robin just returned from a trip with the Flying Samaritans to Mexico. He did 32 extractions in one day and is grateful that Rotary brought him knowledge of the opportunity.

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringer: Lillie Tonkin because she’s happy to be an Honorary Member of Arden Arcade Rotary! Happy Bucks: Michael Caplan because he’s grateful that his wife, Louise, has made a complete recovery from open heart surgery and is back on track to good health. Matt Ross because his daughter chose to attend Rio Americano and for his son who will be going for his Eagle Scout soon. Patt McCormick because her mom was in the Assistance League for many years in both Lafayette and Sacramento. Paula James for moms including Patt as a mom, Patt’s mom who was in the Assistance League, Patt’s mom’s mom and Paula’s mom who she misses every day. Sheila Romero because she celebrated her 82nd Birthday! Happy Birthday, Sheila! Our guest also gave Happy Bucks because her grandson won the speech contest (Caleb).

Paul King announced it’s time for our annual Fireside Meetings to help Prez-elect Tom plan his year. The meetings are held at members homes where they supply snacks and the club provides beer and wine. Paul has 3 dates: Monday, April 9th, Monday, April 16th and Thursday, April 26th. He asked for volunteers to host and received 3 right away. Linda Bigler on the 26th, Steve Turner on 9th and Steven Walker on the 16th. Addresses and more info to follow. Remember—it is required that you attend at least one fireside meeting.

Matt presented Patt with her 6th Paul Harris Fellow because she wasn’t able to make Charter Night. Matt said our club has donated $17,000 so far this year. $5,000 to Rotary International Foundation, $1500 to Polio Plus and $10,000 to the Uganda Water project. Matt says he is also still hoping for District Grant ideas.

We received thank you letters from our Dictionary distributions, Prez Mike handed them around.

Tom Goode said the numbers look really good for the poker tournament but they aren’t ready quite yet.

Prez-Mike brought up an item for the District to allow the District Governor, Dist Governor elect, and Governor nominee the right to vote. Questions were asked and Prez Mike tabled the discussion until he has the answers.

On May 6th, there is a 38 mile bike ride to Scotts on the River from Folsom. It is $50 per person and the proceeds go to Polio Plus.

Our speakers today are from the Sacramento Assistance League, a national non-profit organization with 120 chapters throughout the US dedicated to serve women and children. The Sacramento Chapter has 284 members and together they volunteer over 75,000 hours a year. Their programs are all geared to helping women and children and they coordinate with schools, churches, emergency shelters to help make things happen.

They run several programs throughout the year:

1.Operation School Bell—is a program to help supply clothing and a backpack to children in need. This is the primary program that every chapter runs. Since 1995, they have served over 50,000 children. Sometimes they find that a family only has 1 pair of shoes so children alternate the days they can go to school. In cases like these, they will make sure everyone has their own shows along with clothes, coats and a backpack.

2.Literacy Program—they have distributed over 1700 books as well as supplying reading buddies to read to them.

3.Bears—They distribute teddy bears to emergency responders, emergency rooms and chil- dren in crisis to the tune of over 3000 last year.

4.Clothes for Careers—they work with Women’s Empowerment to help women get nice looking outfits for job interviews. The Assistant League volunteers act as personal shoppers for their guests. They clothed 90 women last year.

5.History in a Trunk—they used to do lessons at the Governor’s Mansion to teach history to grade-schoolers, but now they take the information to the 4th grade classrooms. The volunteers use slides and props to teach California History and then the students write an essay about what they learned. The essays are judged and for winners receive cash prizes. They impact 750 students a year.

6.Eyes Right—volunteers are trained to screen preschool children for “lazy eyes” to detect the problem early—they have detected 80 out of 1200 students that needed help.

7.Kids on the Block—large puppets are used by the volunteers at class assemblies to teach “stranger danger”, “bullying” and other concepts including inclusion and why some people look different and have different abilities.

8.Scholarships– Community College students are selected based on a written essay. Amounts of $1000 and $1500 are available.

9.Senior Friendship—the Assistance League provides yarn to older women who then make knitted items to donate. They make so many items that the Assistance League thought they might partner with us to distribute them. We suggested the Crisis Nursery.

10.Fresh Start– they partner with agencies to help in the areas of sex trafficking, assault and rape to provide clothing when the victim’s clothing is needed for evidence. Sutter Hospital is the Rape Crisis Center for Norther California.

11.Starter Kits—Foster Children reaching 18 are often left with no where to go. The Assistance League packs a laundry basket full of items they might need.

12.Reaching Out—another population in need are people who have gone through the courts system and may need a one time help up to get back on track. Each person has a unique need and the Assistance League tries to help with that need. For example, a young man who landed a job but needed steel toe boots to be able to accept it so the Assistance League provided them for him.

The other main thing the Assistance League does is run Fabulous Finds on Fulton Avenue. Their store is run completely by volunteers. They call themselves “the Nordstrom of Thrift Shops!” How can you help? Shop, Donate, volunteer, join and tell people you know about the Assistance League.

Thank you Betty Lou Beyer, Mikey McMullen and Pat Davis for joining us today and sharing the Assistance League with us.

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