Newsletter – March 6, 2018

Pledge by Ben Fox

Invocation by Rob Ford

Visiting Rotarians: Cory Ley from Stockton Rotary (who just moved to Sacramento.) Art Deardorff from Lincoln Rotary..

Chance to make a difference:

Happy Bucks Randy gave Happy Bucks because he attended the Play at the Howe Avenue Theater and thought it was great and wanted everyone to know how great it was. He thought the play was well written and preformed well. Prez Mike added that this is the last weekend and it is worth seeing. Jenny Davini paid Happy Bucks because this is going to be a great weekend—her husband’s birthday is Friday, the Poker Tournament is Saturday and her birthday is Sunday! Happy Birthday, Jenny.

Everyone not wearing a Rotary Pin paid a dollar fine.

Tom Goode went to PETS this past weekend and says it was a lot more fun than he expected. He loved the Hospitality Rooms. He unveiled next year’s theme, “Be The Inspiration” and the banner which looks like the Mozilla Foxfire logo, so Tom says next year we’ll be constantly buffering. He also mentioned buying his girlfriend a halter top for “Service Above Self.”

Joel told everyone he is so impressed with the generosity of this club. The Poker Tournament is sold out and will have more tickets sold and more sponsorships sold than previous Poker Tournaments. Volunteers will hear by email what their assignment is. Set-up begins at 10:30 at the Rocklin Mercedes Benz Dealership. The First Tee and Crisis Nursery partners have been doing an awesome job and this looks to be our best ever Poker Tournament The Board has designated all proceeds from this event will go to our local foundation to help all our projects in the Arden Arcade area.

Rob Ford talked about the Golf Tournament coming up at Del Paso on June 18th. Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Crisis Nursery are our partners for this event. Larry McClure has already sold a $5000 sponsorship. There will be a Dimple Drop and Putting Contest. The proceeds from this event go to the Ray McClure Scholarship Fund.

Don’t forget the next Board Meeting is tomorrow, March 7th at 5pm at Howe Park.

The District Conference is May 11th at Lake Tahoe. Mike would like to see us all there.

World Water Day is coming up…students from Mira Loma need a sponsor for the grant proposal they would like to present to our club. Tom Goode stepped up and will sponsor them.

Mike reminded us that every Rotary member is suppose to plant a tree this year – there is an opportunity to fulfill this requirement in Rancho Cordova…see Prez Mike for details.

Randy encourages everyone to donate blood and the offer of $100 to the Foundation and a Starbuck’s card still exists.

Art Deardorff has been in Rotary for 11 years. He belongs to Lincoln Rotary and is a past- president. He has been the District Webmaster since 2015.

Art asks: ”Why do you need a web presence?” Having a web site or social media account like Facebook allows the club to get important information out to it’s community—members as well as non-members. It is where people can find meeting location and time, what the program will be and which fundraisers are happening and when. It only works if it is current and kept up to date. It should show members as friends having fun, members doing good work in the community, it should show this with lots of pictures not just words.

A good web site can attract new members while a poor one can drive them away. If Rotary doesn’t look up to date, there’s always an Elks Club or Lyons Club not far away. The web site should show club officers, how to contact the club as well as interesting information and stories. It is a platform to tell people the good things we do for our community.

Club Runner is a powerful tool for us to use to maintain and manage our membership. Most of the clubs in District 5180 use it. It links information with Rotary International as well as at the District level. Every member should have a profile including a picture on the Club Runner site. It is important for every member to access their profile to make sure their listed information is correct.

The communications tab allows for items to be sent by email to all listed club members along with attaching a file or pictures—or the newsletter. There is also a support center which helps members access information as well a webinars to learn about the site. There is a way to send a ticket to Club Runner to ask for help with something and they will give you the help needed.

The District web site is a resource for members and club leadership. On it you will find lists of members, committees, a calendar of activities, and what is happening at the District level.

A Facebook Page (not a group—which is what we have), allows more people to view your information. As items are posted to the Rotary page, members and “share” them and they then go to that members contacts as well. When your item is “liked” it develops a broader outreach. A Facebook page can also link to a web page like one for the Poker Tournament which gives it greater exposure. Adding new posts several times in the week helps to increase the followers to your page. It is important to use lots of pictures and less wordy posts. You can also set up separate pages for fundraisers and then link them to the club page. Sometimes paying a little will allow for you to get an even broader distribution.

Rotary also has it’s own page at It shows that Rotary members are people of action. It is also were records of your membership are kept along with the amount you have

Donated to the Rotary International Foundation. Again, pictures are very important here. The pictures show what Rotary is all about and shows the fun our members have helping others. It also gives a snapshot of the different clubs.

Your smartphone is the best tool for adding pictures to Rotary web sites or social media pages. Be sure to take pictures of events or Rotarians in action and post them or make them available to the Web Master.

Club Runner has a mobile app which gives you all the information you need in the palm of your hand. Power Point is another great tool for putting pictures in a page you’d like to them make a JPEG of and upload. Canva is a photo editing app that works like Photoshop but is online and free.

Thank you , Art, for a very interesting look into today’s technology! ( And a bit of a kink in the butt to get our web page and Facebook page in better shape.)

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