Newsletter – February 27, 2018

Pledge by Randy Freidman

Invocation by Joe Green

Visiting Rotarians: Judy Payne from Sacramento Rotary Club. Guests: Pat Grace, Prez Mike’s wife. Guest Speakers: Dale Schornack and Cristina Mendonsa.

Great to see our friend and fellow Rotarian, Stan Atkinson back at lunch!

Chance to make a difference: Bell Ringers: Prez Mike became a Bell Ringer because he just returned from a trip with his 3 grandchildren to Disneyland and he bought a new Tacoma Truck. Stan Atkinson became a Bell Ringer because his son Alex just took an excellent new job with Exelon Corporation as their Senior Manager. Carolyn Ewing became a Bell Ringer for sharing that her son turned 50 and bought a fancy new race- car—it’s his new baby and mom is happy for him! Joe Green gave Happy Bucks be- cause Teichert donated the concrete for the shelters at Whitney Little League and Joe was there with them for 8 hours to pour the concrete. Next the welders go in and post the supports. Les gave Happy Bucks because he spent time “supervising” Joe. Bill Hambrick gave happy bucks for missing meetings and Charter Night because he was “glamping” at Pt. Reyes and Bodega Bay. Paula gave Happy Bucks thanking her fellow Rotarians for help with her need for a special insurance.

Hidden Gems: Carolyn Ewing and Cathy Skeen

Cathy introduced us to Carolyn—”a sister from another mother.” Carolyn was born in Arizona but her family was really from Texas—Comanche Nation. Her great-greatgrandfather was known as the Scourge of the Comanche. Carolyn was an only child, and was hired out of the University of Arizona by the CIA as an analyst. Carolyn moved to Yorba Linda, CA, with her husband and by age 30 was on the City Council. She has a daughter Susan and a son John. Carolyn started the Ewing Group which does transportation consulting. Carolyn introduced Cathy who as one of five children was born and raised in Sacramento. Cathy is a Native Daughter of the Golden West because her family settled in California in 1846—before the gold rush. Cathy is a go getter and gets what she wants! It doesn’t come easy, but Cathy has achieved a lot including the highest award from the Association of Contractors—a special award for service. Cathy has 2 children, a son who is an inventor and a daughter who works with Cathy at Excell Bonds and Insurance. Cathy has been in Rotary 20 years and is a past president of Midtown Rotary.

Joe Green reminded us of the El Camino Crab Feed this Saturday and noted we had 7 seats available at the table and before he knew it the table was full! It’ll be a great time for those who attend.

Tim Cahill reminded us how supportive our club was in the development of the Howe Avenue Theater. They are currently performing “Family Cabins,” a play written by a local

Sacramentan and played by local actors. Tim says it is quite good at 8pm on weekends for $20. Tim also shared a page of the Playbill which acknowledges Arden Arcade Rotary.

The Poker Tournament is March 10th and may be our best attended ever. Our partners First Tee and Crisis Nursery are kicking it out of the park!

Prez Mike thanked Les for his hard work on Charter Night. Those of you who missed it missed a great time. Les thanked Steve and Christine and others who helped make it happen.

Next Board Meeting is March 7th at 5PM at Howe Park.

There is a need for guest readers on March 2nd for a special event at Thomas Edison. See Mike if you’re interested.

Stan Atkinson introduced our speakers by saying “if you miss the news for a day you miss eve- rything, but if you miss the news for a year you miss nothing.” According to Stan, the quality and content of the news has diminished and our country is less well as a result. He introduced Dale and Cristina as intelligent, deeply thoughtful and committed people who are seasoned, experienced and credible.

Dale came here from Seattle, Dallas and Phoenix markets. He spent 19 years at Channel 10 be- fore the chose to not renew his contract last February. Christine was at Channel 10 for 20 years and is an Edward R Murrow Award winner. She was recognized for an investigative report on the onset of mental illness in college students. Christina began working for the Fair Oaks Post. She started a fitness business to pay for college. She has 2 daughters.

In the Era of Women going on now, Christina is one who has inspired younger women to enter the business. There are really good journalists coming up in the business.

Christina and Dan have stayed really close friends. They went through the same non-renewingof their contract last spring, they left a day apart in June 2017. Channel 10 went through a big format change trying to appeal to millennials who get most of their news on devices rather than TV.

In February of 2017, when the Oroville Dam almost broke and 180,000 people were evacuated, Channel 10 sent an inexperienced reporter with a satellite backpack to cover the story. Chan- nel 10 was unable to get any pictures or sound out because they couldn’t get the feed and the station was unwilling to send a satellite truck there. This was a huge problem and the channel didn’t respond to it as if it mattered. Their focus is to provide content to the smart phones and I pads of millennials rather than present a news cast for those who still enjoy Network and Lo- cal News.

At this time, Channel 10 had a Consulting Firm from out of town and a first time news director which created a perfect storm of issues.

Media is struggling to know what the next news programming should be. There are 2 audi- ences to serve, the millennials as well as the over 30-40 group who still uses the evening news as their source for news . Local news stations are in the middle trying to figure it out. There are still opportunities for reporters. Christina’s daughter gets her news from Phil on UTube who does a newscast about 3 times a week. Management doesn’t really realize how much a part of watching the news are the anchors presenting it.

What are they doing now? Christina started Mendonsa Media, producing videos for business- es. She also still investigates stories and freelances them as well as doing video documen- taries. She also substitutes at KFBK and has an agent looking for another anchor spot. Dan is working for the California Department of Public Health doing video production. He says “when public health works, bad things don’t happen.” He also works with emergency prepar- edness and with public information officers in risk communication.

Thank you both for an interesting look into the tricky world of TV news.

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